MED - Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development

Phone: +351 266 760 885
MED | Universidade de Évora
Pólo da Mitra, Apartado 94

7006-554 Évora, Portugal


The Mediterranean Institute for Agriculture, Environment and Development (MED) is a highly multidisciplinary R&I unit focused on the sustainability of ecosystems and agrifood systems in the Mediterranean context. MED is therefore positioned at the core of research needs to comply with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations as well as with the Green Deal of the European Union. We are a key and dynamic partner in Western Mediterranean, triggering new approaches to research while matching societal expectations.

Our Mission is to promote ecosystem sustainability and food security as contribution towards territorial cohesion and wellbeing.

MED main goals are:

  1. Improving resource use efficiency and competitive agriculture;
  2. Improving sustainability of food system while preserving the mediterranean diet;
  3. Assuring biodiversity conservation and landscape multi-functionality;
  4. Promoting organizational capability and governance mechanisms;
  5. Identifying pathways towards resilience and adaptation under known climate change scenarios.

At MED we seek to carry out research driven by problem-based questions that arise from practice and also, those related to the new reality in the face of climate change, in order to achieve excellence in research, producing solid scientific and technological knowledge, but also solutions for the sustainability of agroecosystems, environment and territories.

MED is located at the "Campus da Mitra", an experimental farm with 285 ha in Alentejo (Southern Portugal), 12 km from the city of Évora. It has 2 poles - one in Beja (CEBAL) and another at the University of Algarve in Faro.


Adélia Maria Oliveira de Sousa (Assistant Professor)
Alfredo Pereira (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Anabela Ferreira Belo (Assistant Professor)
Anacleto Pinheiro (Associate Professor)
Ana Costa Freitas (Full Professor)
Ana Cristina Agulheiro Santos (Assistant Professor)
Ana Cristina Andrade Gonçalves (Assistant Professor with Agregação)
Ana Elisa Rato (Assistant Professor)
Ana Geraldo (Invited Assistant Professor)
Ana Isabel Pereira Alexandre (Assistant Professor)
Ana Isabel Rocha Faustino (Assistant Professor)
Ana Paula Honrado Pinto (Assistant Professor)
António Fernando Bento Dias (Assistant Professor)
António Mira (Associate Professor with Agregação)
António Pedro Santos (Assistant Professor with Agregação)
Augusto António Vieira Peixe (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Carla Pinto Cruz (Assistant Professor)
Carlos Godinho (Invited Assistant Investigator)
Carlos José Pinto Gomes (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Carlos Marques (Full Professor)
Catarina Isabel Rodrigues Meireles (Invited Assistant Investigator)
Clarisse Brígido (Invited Assistant Investigator)
Cláudia Vicente (Invited Assistant Investigator)
Cristina Conceicão (Assistant Professor)
Cristina Queiroga (Assistant Professor)
David Orlando Alves Ferreira (Assistant Professor)
Elisa Bettencourt (Associate Professor)
Elsa Cristina Carona de Sousa Lamy (Invited Assistant Investigator)
Elsa Maria Leclerc Duarte (Assistant Professor)
Elsa Morgado Sampaio (Assistant Professor)
Elvira Sales Baptista (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Fátima de Jesus Folgôa Baptista (Assistant Professor with Agregação) [Vice-Director]
Fernando Capela e Silva (Assistant Professor)
Gottlieb Basch (Associate Professor with Agregação) [Vice-Director]
Helder Carola Espiguinha Cortes (Invited Assistant Professor)
Hélia Cristina Guerra Cardoso (Invited Assistant Investigator)
Inês Margarida Ferreira Roque (Invited Assistant Professor)
Isabel Alves-Pereira (Assistant Professor)
Isabel Maria Oliveira Brito (Assistant Professor)
Isabel Pestana Paixão Cansado (Assistant Professor)
João Eduardo Rabaça (Associate Professor with Agregação)
João Manuel Mota Barroso (Associate Professor)
João Manuel Pereira Ramalho Serrano (Associate Professor with Agregação)
João Paulo Fernandes (Associate Professor)
João Tiago Sabino Lino Marques (Invited Assistant Investigator)
José Alexandre Varanda Andrade (Assistant Professor)
José Godinho Calado (Assistant Professor)
José Manuel Martins (Assistant Professor)
José M. Herrera (Invited Assistant Investigator)
José Muñoz-Rojas (Invited Assistant Investigator)
José Oliveira Peça (Associate Professor)
José Rafael Marques da Silva (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Luís Leopoldo Silva (Assistant Professor with Agregação)
Luís Martins (Assistant Professor)
Luiz Carlos Gazarini (Associate Professor)
Madalena Moreira (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Manuela Vilhena (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Manuel Galvão de Melo e Mota (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Manuel Rijo (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Margarida Espada (Researcher)
Margarida Maria de Almeida Vaz (Assistant Professor)
Maria Eduarda Potes (Assistant Professor)
Maria Ilhéu (Assistant Professor)
Maria Isabel Ferraz de Oliveira (Assistant Professor)
Maria João Cabrita (Associate Professor with Agregação) [Vice-Director]
Maria João Lança (Assistant Professor with Agregação)
Maria Rivera Mendez (Invited Assistant Investigator)
Maria Rosário Félix (Assistant Professor)
Marta Laranjo (Researcher)
Mª. Teresa F. Batista (Invited Assistant Investigator)
Miguel Araújo (Full Professor)
Nuno Miguel (Senior Official)
Nuno Miguel Lourenço Alexandre (Assistant Professor)
Nuno Pedroso (Researcher)
Orlando da Silva Lopes (Assistant Professor)
Paulo Mira Mourão (Assistant Investigator)
Paulo Sá Sousa (Assistant Professor)
Pedro A. Salgueiro (Invited Assistant Investigator)
Rita Payan Carreira (Full Professor)
Rui Manuel Alves Ferreira (Associate Professor)
Rui Manuel de Almeida Machado (Assistant Professor)
Rui Miguel Carracha Charneca (Assistant Professor)
Sandra Maria da Silva Branco (Assistant Professor)
Shakib Shahidian (Assistant Professor with Agregação)
Sónia Félix Lucena (Invited Assistant Professor)
Teresa Oliveira (Invited Assistant Professor)
Teresa Pinto Correia (Full Professor) [Director]
Vasco Fitas da Cruz (Associate Professor)
Ana Patrícia Cebola Poeiras (Assistente de Investigação Convidado) [Doutorando]
Ana Sofia Coelho Ramos (Senior Official) [Doutorando]
André Filipe Barreto Albuquerque (Senior Official) [Doutorando]
Fernanda Fiúza [Doutorando]
Francesco Valerio [Doutorando]
Maria João Martins Vila-Viçosa (Senior Official) [Doutorando]
Pedro Miguel Cunha Caetano (Senior Official) [Doutorando]
Maria do Carmo Mateus da Silva Feliciano [Membro Doutorado não-Integrado]