Traineeships give UÉ students real-world experience through active participation in various activities related to their area of training, allowing them to acquire new professional and personal skills, which can be included in their CVs, and better preparing them for integration into the job market. Here you can read about the different types of traineeships available and find out how to apply.


Curricular traineeship  - this traineeship is carried out as part of a course module that is included in your study plan and lasts between 2 to 12 months.

Extracurricular traineeship - this traineeship is not included in your study plan but can be carried out any time provided it does not interfere with academic activities; it lasts between 2 to 12 months.

Summer internship - this traineeship is not included in your study plan and is carried out during the school break between two academic years; it lasts between 1 to 3 months.
Information about the area, duration and receiving organisations of these traineeships are included in the supplement to the diploma.


Students may propose a traineeship to DECPT resulting from contacts they personally establish with companies or other organisations in different contexts.


Professional traineeship  - this traineeship, the duration of which varies, aims at promoting the integration of students into the labour market and is carried out by finalist students and those who graduated no more than 2 years before.

The Office for Innovation, Transfer, Entrepreneurship and Co-operation, also known as DECPT is responsible for informing and assisting students when they apply for a traineeship, establishing contact with the receiving organisation, drawing up a memorandum of understanding if one does not exist, and analysing, approving and processing the traineeship agreement.

DECPT also  encourages community engagement through traineeship partnership proposals with companies and organisations.


Log in to your SIIUE student profile and select Traineeship>Application>Options>New Application and fill in the form, indicating the type of traineeship you are applying for and the duration thereof, selecting the receiving organisation (if not listed, you should select the other option and fill in all information about the institution), indicating the location of the traineeship, the name of the director and supervisor of the receiving organisation and the name of your UÉ supervisor.


1) fill in the application form available under your student profile (SIIUE);
2) submit your application;
3) the Course Director validates the application;
4) DECPT approves the application and draws up the traineeship agreement;
5) the Course Director registers the Traineeship Completion Report.


The application registration process must be completed at least 15 days before the traineeship period begins.


The traineeship is formalised through a Traineeship Agreement between the University of Évora, the organisation offering the traineeship and the trainee student, provided there is a Memorandum of Understanding in place between the University of Évora and the receiving organisation.


The University of Évora is responsible for taking out a school insurance policy for trainees, and the receiving organisation is responsible for fulfilling the remaining obligations, in accordance with Decree-Law 66/2011, of 1 June.



Instituto Diplomático

This programme governs the carrying out of an unpaid work traineeship by students of higher education.

The traineeships are carried out in the internal and external departments of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, giving students the opportunity to learn the inner workings of Portuguese diplomacy and external actions, and allowing them to obtain university credits, prepare traineeship reports to be awarded their master degree or a certificate that can be added to their study completion certificate.