The mission of the University of Évora’s Alumni Programme is to develop a lasting relationship with all former students, building a more active community  in the life of the university.

Alumni Community


  • Share your knowledge and experience with our students, contact us to find out how you can participate in our training programs!
  • If you are an expert in an area that you feel is relevant to our students, join us as a guest speaker at seminars and workshops.
  • Discover our Employment Website: we can help you find the professional opportunity you are looking for or find the ideal candidate for your project!
  • If you have a company and would like to receive our students for a curricular, extracurricular or summer internship, we can help you.
  • If you have a company and would like to be part of the University of Évora's ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, please contact us!
  • Join the network of stakeholders in our ecosystem and get the seal “Spin-Off UÉvora”.


Send us a summary of your professional career and share your story with the whole academy. Participate in the Alumni Talks and inspire current students with your journey. Have you written a book, have an exhibition or a film on display? Whatever your artistic area, we want to help spread the word. Missing meeting your old class/course mates? We can support you in organizing the next (re)meeting alumni.

Did you benefit from social support or received a merit scholarship during your time as a student? Won a prize? Now it can be your turn to give back, contributing to make a difference in the life of a student or the institution itself.

Become an active member of the Alumni Club. In order to be a member, it is necessary to be regularly involved in the various activities related to the Alumni Program (Entrepreneurship Training Program, Alumni Talks, Alumni Meetings, obtaining the Spin-Off Chancela, events to promote employability).

  • Important and active role in academic life
  • Training and capacity building in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Participation in training programs in the field of entrepreneurship as a mentor / trainer
  • Possibility of obtaining the Spin-off UÉvora seal
  • Support in industrial property mediation
  • Access to disclosure of national and international funding opportunities
  • Participation in training and skills acquisition programs: Soft Skills workshops, Career Counseling and Management, Labor Market
  • Participation in recruitment sessions
  • Access to the Employment Portal of the University of Évora
  • Free admission to Colégio do Espírito Santo
  • Possibility of 13% discount: a) at Cozinha do Cardeal restaurant; b) All articles from the Molina Store; c) Enrollment of children in Summer School
  • Access to libraries and ordering books
  • Rental of spaces (rooms, auditoriums, outdoor spaces, sports facilities) in university buildings at more competitive prices
  • Use of institutional channels for the dissemination and promotion of professional and volunteer projects developed by alumni
  • Direct access to periodical publications of the Vice-Rectory for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Cooperation (ex: TREZE Magazine)
  • Set of discounts and advantages in commerce and services outside the University of Évora (to be available soon)


The University of Évora invites all former students to return to their Alma Mater and register for the Alumni Program by completing a short questionnaire.
In this way, they will be able to maintain a close relationship with the University and have access to a range of advantages, activities and information about the Academy.

Alumni Around The World

Through the interactive map it is possible to locate the current dispersion of former students at the UÉ, is the space where academic and professional testimonies are shared.




Awarded Alumni Career

The UÉ annually awards the Career Alumni Award.
Thus, the professional and civic route of the institution's alumni is recognized.





capa treze


TREZE Magazine, a publication of DIC2E

Valuation and transfer of knowledge



Publication of informative and training nature, focusing on the different areas of activity of DIC2E: Knowledge Transfer, Intellectual Property, Transversal Projects, Cooperation, Start-ups and Spin-offs, Internships and Employability. A magazine aimed at the entire academic community and the business community in the region.

Read the last number here





Alumni in TREZE Journal


Alumni Council

Available Soon.