Collaborative Laboratories

Laboratórios Colaborativos

Create, study and implement new holistic approaches in the design and development of cyber-physical systems (CPS), capable of integrating transdisciplinary perspectives (systems thinking engineering), combined with creative thinking (design thinking), knowledge complexity and multidisciplinarity, to promote open innovation and its sustainability applied to the creation of products, services and interfaces in cyber-physical technologies.


The aim of this Colab is to carry out research, innovation and knowledge and technology transfer activities with a view to increasing sustainable forest management in Portugal, the competitiveness of the Portuguese forest sector, and reducing the negative consequences of rural fires. The activity is supported by knowledge and promotes its application for solving concrete, current and emerging problems of companies and communities, with a view to addressing major societal challenges.

InnovPlantProtect was created with the aim of developing innovative bio-based solutions to promote safer, more productive and environmentally-friendly crops. To achieve this goal, InnovPlantProtect will address specific problems affecting Mediterranean crops, in particular those resulting from the new pests and diseases associated to ongoing climate changes.

This laboratory for the agrifood sector bases its work on innovative feeding strategies for sustainable animal production targeted towards stimulating direct and indirect qualified job creation and generating optimum economic and social value in Portugal.