A mobility experience adds value to your personal growth and enhances your curriculum.

Every year the University of Évora welcomes hundreds of students and workers from other higher education institutions on INcoming mobility programmes. In the same vein, hundreds of UÉ students and workers carry out OUTgoing  mobility periods of study or work at other institutions with which UÉ has mobility agreements. Mobility contributes to a multicultural learning environment open to the world. To encourage mobility, there are various mobility programmes  available. Candidates to these programmes must choose the institution that offers the mobility programme of their preference and see if there are mobility grants for which they can apply.


ERASMUS+ Program in the context of COVID-19:

Regarding the current situation and the impact of the coronavirus on the ERASMUS+ Program, the European Commission has released a set of guidelines, available for consultation here , which aim to answer the main questions of the participants and beneficiary organizations for the program. 

This is only the first path set out to start answering the most urgent questions, and the National Agency will also continue to meticulously analyze all requests for force majeure, to be sent to . More information is available here .



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