Academic Services and Procedures

The Academic Services (SAC) are responsible for the management of all the necessary academic procedures throughout the students' academic path (applications, enrollments, fees, credits, regulations, public tests, certification and diploma supplement). 

To clarify doubts related to these procedures, students can consult SAC.ONLINE , the online Customer Service Desk, which offers quick answers to more than two hundred frequently asked questions, organized by subject and where students can put their doubts. 

Alternatively, students can contact Academic Services by phone at 266 760 220 or in person at the Student Desk Room 1 of the Santo Agostinho Building (Duques de Cadaval Street), at the following time: 

  • monday, wednesday and friday, from 9.30 a.m to 4 p.m 
  • tuesday and thursday, from 9.30 a.m to 1 p.m

In the case of face-to-face attendance related to access to higher education (GAES) or recognition of foreign degrees and diplomas, attendance is subject to prior scheduling, and a request must be sent to make an appointment to .

Virtually all academic procedures can be done online, through the Integrated Information System (SIIUE ), where students can also access GesDoc , which allows them to make requests related to academic procedures. A good summary of academic procedures is the Guidelines - Academic Procedures . At this point, information about these academic procedures is made available.