Standalone Curricular Units

To allow students to update or develop skills in specific areas, UÉ offers the possibility of taking individual undergraduate, master, doctoral and postgraduate curricular units/subjects, with the guarantee of certification if students pass these curricular units.


Applications are open to non-UÉ students, that is any citizen who is not a student at UÉ, but intends to attend Isolated Curricular Units (CU) offered annually for this purpose by the University of Évora. Can apply for registration, students:

  • Who are ver 17 years of age on the date of the application and who have cumulatively completed or are enrolled in the final year of secondary education, in the case of curricular units part of Bachelor’s or Integrated Master degrees.
  • Who hold a Bachelor’s degree, in the case of curricular units part of Postgraduate, Master or Doctoral degrees.

The attendance of isolated CU, even if successful, does not give the right to recognition of the ownership of part or all of the courses in which they are integrated, nor does it confer the right to enter the cycle of studies in which the CU were carried out. The Student Statute enrolled in individual CU is regulated by the Academic Regulation of the University of Évora.


Applications must be submitted online, using the appropriate form: You will, however, first be required to register on the website .

  1. Register in the SIIUE
  2. Confirm the registration through the link sent to your e-mail;
  3. Login in the SIIUE  and fill in the form, to which you must attach the following documents, depending on the cases:
  • document proving the date of birth;
  • 12th year secondary education/attendance certificate in the case of 1st cycle CU or Integrated Master;
  • Bachelor's degree certificate in the case of Postgraduate CU, 2nd or 3rd cycle


Isolated UC from the first and second semester: Sep/01 to Oct/2/2023

Isolated UC  from the second semester: Feb/2 to Feb/6/2024

Isolated Disciplines

Vacancies for individual CU are defined annually and can be consulted below. The allocation of vacancies will be made by order of submission of the registration, duly instructed and containing all the required documents.

Tuition fees and deadlines

The tuition fee is stipulated annually in the Tuition Fees Order, which must be paid in full in the academic year to which the enrollment refers, within the periods indicated below, implying the subjection to default interest in the event of non-compliance.

  • enrollment in individual CU in the first semester: Until Oct / 31
  • registration in isolated CU for the second semester: Until March 31

To proceed with the payment, access the Student menu of the SIIUE and select the Amounts in Payment tab to confirm the amounts payable and the respective ATM references. For more detailed information, see the Payment Values ​​Guide below.


Under the terms of Decree-Law no. 65/2018, of 16 August:

  • Isolated and extracurricular CU from the same cycle of studies can only be credited up to a maximum limit of 50% of the total ECTS of the degree or the number of ECTS of the curricular component of the master's or doctorate.
  • each student can apply for a maximum of 60 credits accumulated in individual and extracurricular CU in the same cycle of studies throughout their academic career.

Regulations and Guides

  • Isolated CU Application guide
  • Academic Regulation of the University of Évora
  • Order for Fixing Tuition Fees
  • Payment Values ​​Guide


For more information, visit the online help desk