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Nicasio Tomás Jiménez Morillo

(HERCULES - HERCULES Lab - Cultural Heritage Studies and Safeguard)

Doctoral Degree: Biogeoquímica/Recursos naturais e ambiente (Universidade de Sevilha - 2017)
Master Degree: Recursos naturais e ambiente (Universidade de Sevilha - 2013)
Bachelor's Degree: Química/Química Analítica e Orgânica (Universidade de Sevilha - 2012)
MED - Institute of Mediterranean Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (Integrated Member with doctorate)
Biogeochemistry, Wildfire, Mass spectrometry, Chemometrics, Stable Isotope, Analytical Pyrolysis, Soil Organic Matter, Soil Erosion, Environmental Complex Matrices
/ Associação Oceano Pacífico
acrónimo: OMEGA
finished in 01/09/2023
PCIF/RPG/0079/2018 / FCT
acrónimo: EROFIRE
finished in 31/03/2023
PTDC/AGR-PRO/2003/2014 / FCT
acrónimo: Por3O
finished in 31/10/2019

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