EU GREEN Alliance

EU GREEN Alliance


The University of Évora is part of the European consortium EU GREEN, a partnership funded by the European Commission, led by the University of Extremadura in Spain, and which includes eight other higher education institutions located in Portugal, Sweden, Poland, Italy, France, Germany, Ireland and Romania, with the University of Évora being the only Portuguese institution in this alliance.

The EU GREEN alliance places social responsibility at the centre of its mission as a guiding principle, with a vision that goes beyond building a European University, aiming to implement a concerted strategy for training citizens and developing innovative research that contributes to the favourable evolution of local and/or regional ecosystems. 

EU GREEN is based on a true sustainability perspective, which encompasses the economic, social, cultural and environmental dimensions of the term and their mutual impact, in an approach closely aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in all of its four main missions: education, research, innovation and service to society.

EU GREEN's four-year strategic objective is to create a European centre for education, research and innovation in sustainability that goes beyond the borders of the consortium and acts at a global level to provide solutions to local or regional challenges that can be replicated at a global level.


Blended Intensive Programme (BIP)

Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) are short, intensive programmes that use innovative forms of learning, teaching and training, through research and challenge-based knowledge acquisition, aimed at students and staff, combining physical and virtual components.

This is a new form of the Erasmus+ programme, which involves at least three Higher Education Institutions from Erasmus+ member countries in organising a course to promote innovative ways of teaching and learning. During the BIP, participants undertake short-term physical mobility (5 to 30 days) abroad combined with a compulsory virtual component (with no time limit), facilitating collaborative learning exchanges and teamwork.

This course, framed within the European alliance EU Green, aims to contribute to better respond to the challenges related to water management, since the availability of water of adequate quality to meet environmental, economic and human needs requires an active management of water resources. This requires knowledge of all aspects of water management, considering also climate change and the effects of human activities on a constantly growing population. This course focuses on three particular aspects of water management representing three modules of study: Water interactions in the agro-ecosystem; Water quality and ecosystem integrity, water pollution assessment; Water and wastewater treatment.

The Democritus University of Thrace jointly with the University of Evora, the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences offer their students the opportunity to participate in a Blended Intensive Program officially approved by the EU in the framework of the ERAMSUS+ 2021/2027, in which participants can contribute to making an islandmore sustainable. The 8th edition of the Summer School "SustainableSamothraki 2023", which will take place in Greece from July 11 to 21,2023, provides students with the opportunity to learn and apply social ecologyand environmental science approaches in one place, while supporting an ongoingresearch and transition process.

Soil protection and management of degraded and industrial lands


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