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UÉ Candidate

UÉ Candidate


Our students introduce you to UÉ courses. 

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Miguel RI

I chose the University of Évora because I've always heard a lot about the academic spirit that lives here.

Before applying to the UÉ, I explored the study plan and learned about the training of those who would become my teachers and realized that here I could acquire all the skills I would need to plan my professional future.

Miguel Toscano

Degree in International Relations




Our Academic Offer


Want to become an UÉ student?

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Do you want to strengthen your skills?

The UÉ regularly organizes workshops, seminars and other initiatives aimed at enhancing your skills. Develop soft skills, complete your training and build the career you want! Keeps you up to date with internship and employment opportunities with DIC2E.



Come and let's discover the university and the city of Évora





Évora is a very welcoming city!

If you are as lucky as I was, staying at a university residence, take advantage of it, as it is a great opportunity to meet people from other courses and to integrate into academic life.

Márcia Horta

Degree in Renewable Energy Engineering




Explore our spaces 

The University of Évora, the second oldest in the country, merges with the city and, therefore, marks its presence in several places strategically located both in the Historic Center and on the outskirts of Évora. Explore on the map where the different schools, university residences and other infrastructures of the City are located.




"I have already filled out my online application. But how do I submit the documents needed?".

These and all other questions are answered. Simple and fast.


Academic Services and Procedures

The Academic Services are responsible for the management of all the necessary academic procedures along the students' academic path (applications, enrollments, fees, credits, regulations, public tests, certification and diploma supplement). Students can consult SAC.ONLINE , SAC's Online Customer Service Desk, which offers quick answers to more than two hundred frequently asked questions, organized by subject and where students can ask their questions.



Scholarships and accommodation in residences are just a few of the social supports available.

Social Welfare Services are always on the other end of the line.



Mobility allows for broadening horizons and more global education, creates cultural diversity based on the exchange of values, knowledge and experiences and contributes to the training of highly qualified personnel. For all these reasons, mobility has been promoted at national and international level, through various programs.


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