S. João de Deus School of Nursing


Felismina Mendes

"There is a real widespread social phobia about aging, whether individual or collective. Youth is glorified and aging is concealed", emphasizes Felismina Mendes, a specialist from the University of Évora in the area of ​​community and family health and in the promotion of healthy aging.











The S. João de Deus School of Nursing (ESESJD) is one of the University of Évora's organic units. A polytechnic school of higher education, the S. João de Deus School of Nursing is open to everyone and is dedicated to creating, transferring and sharing culture, science, technology and the art of nursing. It offers entry level and advanced courses, research, and providing services to the community due to its specific nature and capacity for intervention.


Phone +351 266 730 300
Address Escola Superior de Enfermagem de São João de Deus, Universidade de Évora, Largo do Senhor da Pobreza, 7000-811 Évora