More than an institution of higher education, the University of Évora aims to be the support in which students gain impetus for entering on the labor market, with a complete and challenging training, motivating them to materialize their ideas and leave their scientific contribution to society.

In order to support the student's transition to active life, DECPT promotes the integration into the labour market, either through professional guidance and acquisition of softskills , or through links with the community, establishing partnerships with the region's business fabric.

In this sense, companies that want to collaborate with UÉ and contribute to the expansion of its supply network, across internships or job opportunities, requesting specialized services or even requiring collaboration on projects, studies or scientific research activities, should contact DECPT (dic2e@reitoria.uevora.pt ).





It is through DECPT that the UÉ student can access a set of internship offers and job opportunities in the most diverse areas, in Portugal and abroad. New companies are constantly being added to the network of contacts that the UÉ student can turn to in order to take another step towards their professional future. Proof of this is the recent initiative “As empresas vêm até ti” , which brings students closer to the labour market, strengthening the UÉ-companies dynamic.

Throughout the school year, various events are promoted in order to motivate students to materialize their creative ideas, counting on numerous supports and funding grants.

To find out more about the support routes in finding your first job or creating your own company, just click here .



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