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Nuno Ricardo Gracinhas Nunes Guiomar

Assistente de Investigação Convidado (MED - Institute of Mediterranean Agricultural and Environmental Sciences)

Master Degree: Ciência & Sistemas de Informação Geográfica (ISEGI, Universidade Nova de Lisboa - 2006)
Bachelor's Degree: Engenharia Biofísica (Universidade de Évora - 2002)
MED - Institute of Mediterranean Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (Collaborating Member)
677363 / Comissão Europeia
finished in 31/03/2020
: Fernandes JP, Guiomar N, Gil A, Identifying key factors, actors and relevant scales in landscape and conservation planning, management and decision making: promoting effective citizen involvement, Journal for Nature Conservation (2018),
Guimarães H., Guiomar N., Surova D., Godinho S., Pinto-Correia T., Sandberg A., Ravera F. and Varanda M., 2018. Structuring wicked problems in transdisciplinary research using the Social-Ecological Systems framework: an application to the montado system, Alentejo, Portugal. Journal of Cleaner Production, vol.191: 417-428. DOI:10.1016/jclepro.2018.04.200
Guiomar N., Godinho S., Pinto-Correia T., Czejak M., Kania J., Marraccini E., Niedermayr J., O?Rourke E., Ortiz-Miranda D., Surová D., Sutherland L.-A., Tcherkezova E., Tudor M.; van der Zanden E., Wästfelt A., 2018. Typology and distribution of small farms in Europe: towards a better picture. Land Use Policy, 75: 784-798,
Pinto-Correia, T., Guiomar, N., Ferraz de Oliveira, M.I., Baptista, E., Rabaça, J.E., Godinho, C., Ribeiro, N., Sá Sousa, P., Santos, P., Santos-Silva, C., Simões, M.P., Belo, A.D.F., Catarino, L., Costa, P., Fonseca, E., Godinho, S., Azeda, C., Almeida, M., Gomes, L. & Vaz, M. 2018. Progress in Identifying High Nature Value Montados: Impacts of Grazing on Hardwood Rangeland Biodiversity. Rangeland Ecology & Management. 10.1016/j.rama.2018.01.004.
This paper analyses the concept of nature-based solutions as instruments to turn anthromes more nature-compatible, efficient, causing less degradation and developing new biodiversity hotspots. It is mainly focused in solutions using living organisms (in particular plants and microorganisms) to perform functions such as those of soil- and water-bioengineering interventions in order to ensure the safety of human infrastructures and constructions in contexts of conflict between natural processes and human needs. Further it handles the problematic of reintroducing natural processes and functions in the built environment (urban, industrial, infrastructures etc.) in order to recover, recreate or reinvent nature in humanized landscapes and developing a more creative relation between humans and natural elements, processes and functions. It presents, furthermore, the contribution of natural solutions to a wide variety of decontamination processes and prevention and recovery of degraded land and natural resources. Finally, it discusses the way these solutions can be implemented and the cultural, organizational, administrative and governance paradigmatic and practice changes it implies. Examples are given on the different issues presented as well on the possible implementation solutions.
The present study deals with the development of systematic conservation planning as management instrument in small oceanic islands, ensuring open systems of governance, and able to integrate an informed and involved participation of the stakeholders. Marxan software was used to define management areas according a set of alternative land use scenarios considering different conservation and management paradigms. Modeled conservation zones were interpreted and compared with the existing protected areas allowing more fused information for future trade-outs and stakeholder's involvement. The results, allowing the identification of Target Management Units (TMU) based on the consideration of different development scenarios proved to be consistent with a feasible development of evaluation approaches able to support sound governance systems. Moreover, the detailed geographic identification of TMU seems to be able to support participated policies towards a more sustainable management of the entire island
Ramos, I; Freire, M & Guiomar, N. (2016). Urban public policies: towards the improvement of landscape ecological system. The case-study of the city of Évora, Portugal. In Proceedings 53rd IFLA World Congress, AIAPP (org.), Turim, Itália, 20-22 abril. p. 217, ISBN: 978-88-7970-781-7
Pinto-Correia T., Guiomar N., Guerra C. and Carvalho-Ribeiro S., 2015. Assessing the ability of rural areas to fulfill multiple societal demands. Land Use Policy DOI 10.1016/j.landusepol.2015.01.031
Almeida, M., et al, 2015, Urban population looking for rural landscapes: Different appreciation patterns identified in Southern Europe, Land Use Policy, Available online 9 October 2015, Doi: 10.1016/j.landusepol.2015.09.025
Guiomar, N., Godinho, S., Fernandes, P.F., Machado, R., Neves, N., Fernandes, J.P., 2015. Wildfire patterns and landscape changes in Mediterranean oak woodlands. Science of the Total Environment, 536: 338-352.
Almeida M, Azeda C, Guiomar N, Pinto-Correia T. (2015). The effects of grazing management in montado fragmentation and heterogeneity. Agroforestry Systems. Published online: 10 January. DOI 10.1007/s10457-014-9778-2
Godinho, S., Guiomar, N., Machado R., Santos, P., Sá-Sousa, P., Fernandes J.P., Neves, N., Pinto-Correia T. (2014). Assessment of environment, land management, and spatial variables on recent changes in Montado land cover in southern Portugal. Agroforest Syst DOI 10.1007/s10457-014-9757-7

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