Inclusion Resource Centre


The Inclusion Resource Centre (CRI) of the UÉ General Library provides for better access to information resources to the academic community and civil society.

All students with Special Education Needs of the University of Évora can use this Centre, as well as external users from other institutions and members of the civil society interested in using these services, provided they are duly identified.

The CRI, in close collaboration with the Student Support Office (GAE), aims at contributing to academic success by providing integrated support for students with special educational needs. Its mains objectives are to:

  • Enable citizens with special educational needs to participate in society through digital accessibility;
  • Assess and provide counselling on various types of equipment and strategies for their use, suitable to the needs of citizens with a disability;
  • Help the academic community and civil society use this equipment;
  • Study the potential for development and innovation in the design or adaptation of digital accessibility technologies, cross-fertilising knowledge and experience from various scientific areas;
  • Promote cultural activities.


  • Long term loans of publications for students covered by the Special Education Needs regime;
  • Personalised retrieval and loan services from the UÉ General Library catalogue;
  • ICT literacy activities, support to scientific communication, academic and research tutoring, and information management and retrieval;
  • Access to the Higher Education Open Library (BAES);
  • Braille printed work. 


  • Laptops;
  • Braille typewriter;
  • Braille printer and embosser. Smart view TV magnifying glass. Adapted mouse. TrackBall. Headphones. Joysticks (Switch). Page turning aid;
  • OCR (Braille for text);
  • OCR (Speech synthesiser);
  • Screen reading software and virtual keyboard;
  • Bibliographic resources in Braille and audio cassettes.




Tel: 266 740 859
Internal line: 23373

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.
Access to the Inclusion Research Centre services is limited to the facility’s capacity and number of available equipment.
Inclusion Resource Centre (CRI) of the UÉ’s General Library is located in room 284 of the Espírito Santo College