Community Outreach Psychology Department (SEC-Psi)

Serviço de Extensão à Comunidade em Psicologia (SEC-Psi)

The SEC-Psi provides specialised psychology services for the university and wider community. It aims at being a safety net for students and staff at the University of Évora, striving to ensure their well-being and offering support in dealing with personal, educational and emotional concerns. 

The School of Social Sciences’ Community Outreach Psychology Department is an unincorporated scientific-pedagogical unit of the School of Social Sciences (ECS) that provides specialised psychology services to the university and wider community closely linked to the teaching and research activities carried out by the Department of Psychology.

Services offered include psychological intervention in different areas, supervision/ consultancy and training for professionals. The department also focuses on the implementation of action research projects.



  • Intervention in Early Developmental Issues
  • Paediatric Clinical Psychology Consultations
  • Youth and Adult Clinical Psychology Consultations
  • Psychological intervention in the development of study and learning skills
  • Career Counselling and Management
  • Psychological evaluations as part of the Public Administration Recruitment Procedures


Community Outreach Psychology Department (SEC-Psi)
UÉvora School of Social Sciences