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Nuno de Almeida Ribeiro

Associate Professor (Department of Plant Science)

Employment contract in public functions indefinitely

Doctoral Degree: Agrarian Sciences/Forest Sciences (Universidade de Évora ( - 2007)
Master Degree: Probabilities and Statistics/Mathematics (Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa ( - 1995)
Bachelor's Degree: Forestry/Forest Sciences (Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro (UTAD, - 1990)
Department of Plant Science Assembly (Advisor)
Assembleia do Instituto de Investigação e Formação Avançada (Member)
Comissão de Curso do Mestrado em Engenharia Florestal: Sistemas Mediterrâneos (Director)
Scientific Council of School of Science and Technology (Advisor)
Course Commission of the PhD Program in Landscape, Biodiversity and Society (Deputy)
ICT - Institute of Earth Sciences (Integrated Member with doctorate)
MED - Institute of Mediterranean Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (Collaborating Member)
Forest Sciences: Mathematical modeling; dendrometry and biometry, forest inventory; forestry; decision support systems; spatial statistics
Mathematical modeling of tree growth and construction of spatially explicit growth models. Development of computer applications of the aforementioned growth models. Development of decision support models applied to the sustained management of forest settlements.
Researcher at the Institute of Mediterranean Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (MED) and professor at the University of Évora, Portugal Portugal (Department of Plant Science). He has conducted research on tree growth and yield modelling, mainly in pure and mixed cork oak stands. He has developed a single tree spatial growth simulator for cork oak (CORKFITS) and is currently developing an ecological based decision support system (ECCORK) for aid in management decisions for cork oak stands.
acrónimo: TID4AGRO
em curso até 31/12/2026
C644865735-00000007 / PRR - Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência ,PRR - Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência
acrónimo: Transform
em curso até 31/12/2025
101074592 / LIFE
acrónimo: Zimbral for LIFE
em curso até 30/09/2028
OC-2020-1-24702 / Comissão Europeia
acrónimo: 3DForEcoTech
em curso até 27/05/2025
PCIF/MPG/0175/2019 / FCT
finished in 14/03/2024
ALT20-03-0246-FEDER-000061 / Portugal 2020
acrónimo: Regacork TraDE
finished in 30/09/2022
acrónimo: BIOTRANS
finished in 31/12/2021
acrónimo: CILIFO
finished in 31/12/2021
PCIF/MOS/0046/2017 / FCT ,FCT
acrónimo: SCAPEFIRE
finished in 28/02/2022
PDR2020-101-031427 / Portugal 2020
acrónimo: GOREGACORK
finished in 30/12/2021
acrónimo: PRODEHMON
finished in 31/12/2020
LIFE15 CCA/PT/ 000043 / LIFE
acrónimo: LIFE-Montado-adapt
finished in 01/09/2021
57162 / QREN
acrónimo: MistoSuber
finished in 31/12/2017
PRODER 020520052132 / QREN
acrónimo: RegaSuber
finished in 30/01/2017
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Ribeiro Nunes, L.J., Meireles, C.I.R., Pinto Gomes, C.J., Almeida Ribeiro, N.M.C, (2019). Impacts of Climate Change in Portugal: Common Perception of Causes AND Consequences in Forest Development. Research in Ecology, Volume 01, Issue 02, 24-30 pp, doi: 10.30564/re.v1i2.978
Ribeiro Nunes, L.J., Meireles, C.I.R., Pinto Gomes, C.J., Almeida Ribeiro, N.M.C, (2019). Forest Management and Climate Change Mitigation: A Review on Carbon Cycle Flow Models for the Sustainability of Resources. Sustainability 2019, 11, 5276; doi:10.3390/su11195276
Ribeiro Nunes, L.J., Meireles, C.I.R., Pinto Gomes, C.J., Almeida Ribeiro, N.M.C, (2019). Socioeconomic Aspects of the Forests in Portugal: Recent Evolution and Perspectives of Sustainability of the Resource. Forests 2019, 10, 361. doi:10.3390/f10050361
Pinto-Correia T, Guiomar N, Ferraz-de-Oliveira MI, Sales Baptista E, Rabaça J, Godinho C, Ribeiro N, Sá Sousa P, Santos P, Silva CS, Simões P, Belo A, Catarino L, Costa P, Fonseca E, Godinho S, Azeda C, Gomes L, Lopes de Castro J, Louro R, Silvestre M, Vaz M (2018). Progress in identifying High Nature Value montados: impacts of grazing on hardwood rangeland biodiversity. Rangeland Ecology & Management.
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Peter Surový, Nuno Almeida Ribeiro & Dimitrios Panagiotidis (2018) Estimation of positions and heights from UAV-sensed imagery in tree plantations in agrosilvopastoral systems, International Journal of Remote Sensing.
Camilo-Alves, C., Vaz, M., Esteves da Clara, I., Almeida Ribeiro, N. (2017). Chronic cork oak decline and water status: new insights. New Forests, Volume 48, Issue 6, pp 753-772.
Almeida Ribeiro, N., Surovy, P., Dinis C., Camilo Alves, C., Dias, S.S., 2016. Inventário Nacional de Mortalidade de Azinheira na Fotografia Aérea Digital de 2004/2006. Editora Sílabas e Desafios, ISBN: 978-989-8842-06-0. 95pp.
Surovy, Peter, Ribeiro, Nuno de Almeida, Pereira, João Santos, & Yoshimoto, Atsushi. (2015). ESTIMATION OF CORK PRODUCTION USINGAERIAL IMAGERY1. Revista Árvore, 39(5), 853-861
Dinis, C; Surovy, P.; Ribeiro, NA; Oliveira, MRO (2015) The effect of soil compaction at different depths on cork oak seedling growth. New Forests, n. 46(2), p. 235-246.
Surovy, P; Dinis, C; Marusak, R; Ribeiro, NA (2014) Importance of automatic threshold for image segmentation for accurate measurement of fine roots of woody plants. Lesn. Cas. For. J., n. 60, p. 244-249.
Pinheiro, A.C. and Ribeiro, N.A. 2013) 'Forest property insurance: an application to Portuguese woodlands', Int. J. Sustainable Society, Vol. 5, No. 3, pp.284-295
Pinto-Correia, T; Ribeiro, N & Potes, J (coord.) 2013. Livro Verde dos Montados, ICAAM, Évora, 61 pp.
Camilo-Alves CSP, Clara MIE, Ribeiro NMCA. 2013. Decline of Mediterranean oak trees and its association with Phytophthora cinnamomi: a review. Eur J Forest Res.132(3): 411-432

* For more publications, perform a search by author name on Digital Repository of Scientific Publications of UÉ.

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