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Social Support Grants

This supplementary financing is for UÉ students who are not awarded study grants by the DGES and demonstrate that they are experiencing financial difficulties. The fund covers all or part of the tuition fees for the academic year, offers meal vouchers for the canteens and/or contributes towards university residence costs.

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This fund provides immediate financial support to students who are not awarded bursaries or other social support benefits and are experiencing financial difficulties due to unforeseen circumstances.

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This study grant helps cover part of the tuition fees or the costs incurred with undertaking a internship and includes an allowance for UÉ residences. Students receive monthly instalments paid by bank transfer. Apply online via the DGES website.


In addition to the application period at the beginning of the academic year, between 25 of june and 30 of september, students can, this year, submit applications until the 24 of june of 2020. This scholarship reimburses the costs with the frequency of the course or conducing mandatory professional internship and includes a supplement for accomodation in UÉ residences. 


Students from the University of Évora, who meet the requirements defined in the Regulation .


The annual scholarship corresponds, normally, to a complete academic year and comprises ten monthly installments. Courses of different duration imply a number of benefits equal to the number of months of course attendance. Payments are made monthly by bank transfer and are notified by message whenever the grantee provides DGES with his mobile contact.   


The applications must be submitted online on the DGES page, available here . All notifications and communications are made electronically to the address indicated by the student in the application. 


For additional information and clarifications, get in touch with Social Action Services via email .

This programme supports students who live in other regions by awarding mobility grants.
Submissions run until 15 November on the DGES BeOn platform
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The Santander Futuro Scholarships are for students with good school performance and who require financial aid to continue pursing or complete higher education.

Eligibility criteria: Valid enrolment in at least 30 ECTS credits, except when completing a course; Academic merit and proven need for financial aid to pursue the first and second-cycles of higher education.

Santander Futuro Scholarship Regulations

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UÉ has seven residences across the city that can house 527 students. These buildings offer the perfect setting for students to interact and ensure their well-being: they have free Wi-Fi, study and leisure areas, dining areas, fully equipped kitchens, laundry services and cleaning of common areas. Bursary and scholarship holders are given preference when applying for accommodation in these residences.



The Laços para a Vida | Casa & Companhia  (Bonds for Life | Home & Company) programme aims at combating loneliness in older people and helping young students who are attending the University of Évora. It offers UÉ students accommodation in nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the city of Évora, namely in the historical city centre.

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The University of Évora's Social Action Department runs canteens located in the various campus buildings. Menus are designed by nutritionists and adapted to the calorie intake recommended for the target age groups. Different meal options are available, including vegetarian meals.