International Students


More than 1500 foreign students from 70 different countries come to UÉ each year, offering a unique opportunity for training of excellence and a multicultural experience.

The University of Évora is a transdisciplinary university that is constantly updating its courses, offers optimal conditions for studying and conducting research, and courses in all knowledge areas: Fine Arts, Social Sciences and Science and Technology.

The time you spend in Évora will be enhanced by the beauty of its streets and sites, which will constantly surprise you given that the city was home to kings and queens and other important figures who left their mark on the country and beyond borders. There are other invaluable aspects that are difficult to quantify, such as safety, hospitality, the good rapport and close relationships between students and faculty, and the city’s privileged geographical location, in the heart of a region brimming with culture and strong traditions.


If you are a foreign student and wish to apply to UÉvora, there are several routes available to you. 


Bachelor's or Integrated Master Degrees 

If you are from an EU Member State and wish to apply for a Bachelor’s or Integrated Master degree course, you should apply via the National Access Route for Acceptance and Admission to Higher Education or through Special Routes.



If you are from a non-EU country , there are places available and specific requirements for access to Bachelor’s and Integrated Master degree courses, set annually under the UÉ Special Track for International Students.


Master and Doctorals Degrees

All international students, whether from EU Member States or non-EU countries may apply for the master and doctoral degree programmes through the General Route for second and third-cycle studies.


Do you want to come to study at UÉ but you feel lost?

We have created a guide to answer all your questions, find it here .


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