Student Support Programmes

The Student Support Office (GAE) offers several programmes and is responsible for onboarding, informing and supporting all students at the University of Évora to help make their integration into the University smoother and to help them resolve any issues they may have along the way, thereby contributing towards their academic success. The GAE provides support to students with special educational needs, offers psychological support, helps student workers, onboard and supports international students, arranges soft skills development seminars and manages the volunteer programmes.

This programme  offers students the opportunity to work part-time for University initiatives (seminars, fairs, exhibitions), offering compensation in the form of an education allowance. To register for the programme, you must complete the Online Registration form . If you are recruited, you will be informed of the amount you will receive and when and where you will be working.

Students have the opportunity of being part of a pool of volunteers  and participating in different activities of educational, social or community interest that are part of non-profit projects, programmes or other interventions to meet individual, group or academic needs in general.

To be included in the Pool of Volunteers you must submit the online registration form . You will then be contacted by the Student Support Office to conduct a selection and recruitment interview for integration into a volunteer project.


  • Welcoming and onboarding new students during the in-person enrolment process  | GAE/SAC: welcome, inform, answer questions and help new UÉvora students during the in-person enrolment process.  
  • International Student Integration Platform   | GAE/SAC: welcome, inform and help an international student during their inclusion and adjustment process, both on campus and around the city of Évora, answering any questions they may have on legal and logistics matters, and sharing knowledge and experiences.
  • Assisting the Student Support Office/ Academic Services Department | GAE/SAC: help answer the questions of and assist UÉvora students who contact the Academic Services Department/Student Support Office. 
  • Mushrooms of Mainland Portugal  – Compiling information | ICAAM: complete the list of macrofungi species on mainland Portugal; Identify areas of mycological interest and the importance thereof for conservation.
  • Mycological inventories   – taking part in field sampling activities| ICAM: conduct mycological inventories 
  • Morphological characterisation of tubers and preparing samples for molecular analysis   | ICAAM: morphological characterisation of tubers and building up knowledge on the distribution and ecology of tubers in mainland Portugal.
  • User Support | Computer Services: assist the support office by helping computer technicians provide user support (students and faculty members)
  • Field work in Social Studies   | Sociology Department – School of Social Sciences: participate in field work for two social research studies.
  • Alumni Programme  | Alumni Office: arrange conferences and commemorative events, encourage the submission of ideas and alumni projects, and create audiovisual content.
  • Eu posso ajudar   | S. João de Deus School of Nursing: help users and patients of the Évora Espírito Santo Hospital (HESE) by fulfilling your duty of citizenship and, at the same time, promoting the humanisation of care received by users and patients. 
  • Curriculum, Popular Education and Social Responsibility at the University of Évora   | Túlio Espanca Popular University: participate in popular education activities at the seven centres run by the Túlio Espanca Popular University.
  • Editorial Project and Preparation of Project Applications   | CICS.NOVA.UÉvora: encourage disclosure and dissemination of the findings of research and outcomes of activities carried out by CICS.NOVA.UÉvora.
  • Food Bank : take part in food collection campaigns at shopping centres and hypermarkets.
  • Environmental Education : - in partnership with GESAMB:  train volunteers to conduct guided tours of the GESAMB facilities and its landfill
  • Run at Creche e Cresce : encourage physical activity among children aged 0 to 3.
  • Gym Laborem   - Exercise at work, in partnership with Universidade Saudável (healthy university): help prevent absences from work; promote occupational health; promote healthier lifestyles in the workplace and discourage sedentary lifestyles.


  • Academic Association of the University of Évora
  • Évora City Council
  • Volunteer Bank - Eugénio de Almeida Foundation
  • Portuguese Food Bank Against Hunger
  • Metalentejo
  • Santander Universities
  • Student Associations and Groups
  • Nossa Senhora da Piedade Kindergarten
  • Bebé Cresce Nursery
  • Associação Ser Mais Valia
  • Mundus Intercultural ONGD
  • CNIS - Confederação Nacional das Instituições de Solidariedade
  • UDIPSS-Évora - União Distrital das Instituições Particulares de Solidariedade Social de Évora
  • Liga dos Amigos do Hospital do Espírito Santo de Évora
  • APF - Associação para o Planeamento da Família
  • Associação Eólia Baby
  • SHN - Sociedade da História Natural
  • ESN - Erasmus Student Network

And it doesn’t end there!

You can report any problems you encounter during your academic journey by sending an e-mail to , which will quickly forward it to the respective department and ensure a rapid response. This programme also includes annual “CONTA CONNOSCO ” (Count on Us) seminars on topics related to skill acquisition, study strategies and methods, planning, organisation and time management, bibliographic research, and support in preparing academic works, financial education and getting ready for the world of employment.

Early school leaving is a multidimensional problem that affects all higher education Institutions, but it poses specific challenges to smaller universities and/or those located in the inland regions of the country. To this end, a comprehensive one-year study was conducted by a multidisciplinary team of UÉ researchers and experts to understand what makes students drop out of the University of Évora, outlining guiding principles for four areas of intervention: #1. Listen  ; #2. Explain  ; #3.Advise   and #4. Support

  • Early School Leaving in Higher Education - A Case Study at the University of Évora (Report)” (download  PDF )
  • Early School Leaving in Higher Education - A Case Study at the University of Évora (Report)” (available to read online as a flip book )
  • Full session of the UÉ case study presentation (watch it on YouTube )


2022-2023 Poster of Conta Connosco program (pdf )

Look at the announcements or contact the Student Support Office ( ) for more information!

Multidisciplinary teams , representing the entire university, help students in their inclusion and integration in and adjustment to university life and offer students assistance throughout their academic journey.

You can request assistance from the Student Support Office (GAE) in person or via the Online Help Desk .

Equity in education to ensure integration in all spheres of society. Onboarding interview and assessment of the clinical process together with UÉ faculty members and departments, thereby ensuring psycho-pedagogical support.

Please submit your application for Student with Learning Support status and hand in the required documents  in person at the GAE.


The Inclusion Resource Centre (CRI) of the UÉ General Library, in close collaboration with the Student Support Office (GAE), aims at contributing to academic success through integrated support for students with special educational needs.
More information:

The tutoring system assigns a tutor to students who request one, providing them support throughout their academic journey, in particular by focusing on their adjustment to and integration in university life and their academic success.

Each year, students may apply to the tutoring system through the SIIUE from the beginning of the academic year and up to 30 April. The tutors, who are faculty members that offer their time to help students, are recommended by the Course Director and appointed by the Department Director who oversees the department of which the tutor is a part. Students are then informed of who has been assigned as their tutor and their respective contact information.

Initial contact must be initiated by the student and within two weeks from the date on which they receive notification. At least one to three meetings per semester must be held, scheduled by mutual agreement.

Psychological support, guidance for study strategies in learning methods and academic success, and counselling in times of crisis and when facing obstacles related to, for example, school integration or underachievement.

Requests for scheduling a session with the GAE psychologist must be sent by e-mail to .

Support for all foreign students in their first year to help them integrate into the University, the city and the country, in collaboration with the Academic Association, Erasmus Student Network, other student associations or groups, and the UÉ services and departments.

Foreign students will be provided information on how to register on the platform when enrolling.

Support for student workers during their academic journey, with the submission, mediation and follow-up of academic processes.

Students with student worker status  may request assistance in the analysis of academic procedures from the Student Support Office in person (on Fridays until 7pm, by prior appointment) or by sending an e-mail to for processes in which the Office is able to provide support.

Management of all claims and all issues related with school insurance, providing information and explanation to the Insurance Company, students and the bodies of the University of Évora.

All students registered and enrolled in the University of Évora are covered by school insurance, which may be extended to academic and non-academic staff and to individuals who are conducting ongoing research activities on the University’s premises or other facilities used for such purpose when travelling in the country or abroad. Graduates are also covered by the insurance for a period of one year after completing their studies.


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