Laboratory of Mechanical Tests(LEM)


The main mission of the Laboratory of Mechanical Tests(LEM) is to explore and investigate the mechanical and physical properties of several materials (e.g. stone, metallic, polymeric and composite materials), under different environments, using destructive and non-destructive experimental techniques.

The LEM is a university laboratory engaged in research and service provision directed to the scientific and business community, enabling the characterization of deformation, rupture and alteration of various materials, contributing for the experimental mechanisms and Science of Materials and Engineering under a unique way. Its main objectives are the analysis of the variation of physical-mechanical properties and the study of damage mechanisms over a wide range of conditions of application, load and environment.

The Laboratory of Mechanical Tests for materials and products is part of the LITHOS | Laboratory for Innovation and Technological Hub for Ornamental Stone at the University of Évora, which contributes for increasing the capacity for technological and knowledge transfer underpinning economic and business activity, following the existent activity with companies handling with electronic material and protection and enhancement of Heritage; but, most importantly, with the entire business fabric in the Natural Stone sector. In order to increase its intervention in the economic base of Natural Stone, the LITHOS infrastructure reorganizes its skills by building them in a front office and showing them in an integrated manner.


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