Alumni Career Award

Alumni Career Award

The Alumni Career Award is awarded every year by the University of Évora.

This award aims at recognising the professional and civil career of a graduate who, as an example to his or her peers and for society, contributes to consolidating the image of the University of Évora as a benchmark education institution.



Any postgraduate of the University of Évora is eligible to receive the Alumni Career Award irrespective of the degree (Bachelor’s, Master or Doctorate) awarded by the academy, provided they are recommended for the award.


Any postgraduate or retired UÉ professor and/or researcher of the University of Évora may recommend one or more candidates for the UÉvora Alumni Career Award, in which case proponents will remain anonymous.

Each application must be individual, as per the form available on the Alumni Portal of the UÉ; however, self-proposed applications will not be considered.

Applying for this award is straightforward and objective. Proponents must formalise the applications and submit them in an appropriate form available here .

Application Deadlines

  • Applications: 01 July to 30 September 2024
  • Alumni Committee evaluation: 1 to 4 October 2024
  • Jury evaluation and announcement of winner: 7 to 29 October 2024
  • Prize-giving: 1/November 2024


  • Relevant career path
  • Contribution to the recognition of UÉvora’s excellence
  • Capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Contribution to the development of society in a specific area

The jury will be composed of the Rectorate of the University of Évora, without voting rights, a member of the General Board appointed by this body, a member of the Rectoral team appointed by the Rectorate, the Directors of Organic Units, and a member of the Alumni Committee appointed by this body.