HERCULES - HERCULES Lab - Cultural Heritage Studies and Protection

Phone +351 266 706 581
Laboratório HERCULES - Herança Cultural, Estudos e Salvaguarda
Universidade de Évora
Palácio do Vimioso
Largo Marquês de Marialva, 8

7000-809 Evora


The HERCULES laboratory is a research infrastructure of the University of Évora dedicated to the study and enhancement of cultural heritage, with a particular focus on the interdisciplinary integration of methods used in physical science and materials. It consists of several laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment capable of developing ground-breaking research comprising non-destructive in situ analysis, microanalysis, high resolution chemical analysis and development of innovative materials and products, making it a one-of-a-kind lab in Portugal and one of the most attractive of its kind in Europe.


Ana Cristina Cabaça Manhita (Invited Assistant Investigator)
Ana Teresa Caldeira (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Anne-France Maurer (Invited Assistant Investigator)
António Manuel Deométrio Rodrigues Lourenço Pereira (Assistant Professor with Agregação)
Catarina Miguel (Researcher)
Cristina Galacho (Assistant Professor)
Cristina Maria Barrocas Dias (Associate Professor with Agregação) [Deputy Director]
Fabio Sitzia (Researcher)
Jorge Ginja Teixeira (Assistant Professor)
José António Paulo Mirão (Associate Professor with Agregação) [Director]
Leonel Alegre (Assistant Investigator)
Luís Dias (Researcher)
Maria do Rosário Martins (Associate Professor)
Milene Gil (Researcher)
Nicola Schiavon (Invited Principal Investigator)
Patrícia Sofia Martins Moita (Assistant Professor) [Deputy Director]
Penka Girginova (Researcher)
Vera Pires de Almeida Ribeiro (Assistant Investigator)
Célia M. Rocha Oliveira (Senior Official)