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Carlo Emanuele Bottaini

Researcher (HERCULES - HERCULES Lab - Cultural Heritage Studies and Safeguard)

Fixed-term employment contract

Doctoral Degree: História, variante de Arqueologia/Arqueologia (Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra - 2013)
Bachelor's Degree: História, variante de Arqueologia (Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra - 2006)
HERCULES - HERCULES Lab - Cultural Heritage Studies and Safeguard (Integrated Member with doctorate)
Later Prehistory and Protohistory, Archaeological Sciences, Heritage Sciences
101079148 / Comissão Europeia
acrónimo: E-RIHS IP
em curso até 14/09/2024
POCI-01-0145-FEDER-031577 | PTDC/QUI-OUT/31577/2017 / Portugal 2020 ,FCT ,Agência de Inovação ,ALFA ,Alto Comissariado para a Saúde ,AVNA ,CIÊNCIA VIVA ,Comissão Europeia ,Câmara Municipal de Grândola ,CCDRA ,Portugal 2020 ,Portugal 2020
acrónimo: THE SCREAM
finished in 30/04/2021
R. Vilaça, C. Bottaini (2021), Depósitos metálicos em meio húmido, e suas margens, da Idade do Bronze em Portugal: uma perspectiva global, Estudos Arqueológicos de Oeiras, 28: 257-276
E. Figueiredo, C. Bottaini, C. Miguel, A. Lackinger, J. Mirão, B. Comendador Rey (2021), Study of a Late Bronze Age Casting Mould and Its Black Residue by 3D Imaging, pXRF, SEM-EDS, Micro-FTIR and Micro-Raman, Heritage, 4 (4): 2960-2972.
A.R. Pereira, C. Bottaini, R. Vilaça (2021), Um punhal de cobre esquecido, um sítio (re)encontrado: Loriga (Alhadas de Baixo, Figueira da Foz), em: A.M. Ferreira et al., Santos Rocha, Livro do Colóquio Arqueologia e territórios da Figueira da Foz, pp. 138-149
P. General-Toro, R. Bordalo, P.R. Moreira, E. Vieira, A. Brunetti, R. Iannaccone, C. Bottaini (2021), Art Casting in Portuguese 19th Century Industrial Foundries: A Multi-Analytical Study of an Emblematic Copper-Based Alloy Monument, Heritage, 4: 3050-3064
3. Bottaini C. 2021, Double-looped palstaves from the Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age of the Western Iberian Peninsula. New technological insights from Santa Justa (North of Portugal, Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, 21 (3): 147-159.
Gil, M.; Costa, M.; Cvetkovic, M.; Bottaini, C.; Cardoso, A.; Manhita, A.; Barrocas Dias, C.; Candeias, A. Unveiling the mural paintng art of Almada Negreiros at the Maritime Stations of Alcântara (Lisbon): diagnosis research of paint layers as a guide for its future conservation. Ge-conservación 2021, 20, 105-117
N. Schiavon, P. Panganiban, S. Valadas, C. Bottaini, C.B. Dias, A. Manhita, A. Candeias (2021), A Multi-Analytical Study of Egyptian Funerary Artifacts from Three Portuguese Museum Collections, Heritage, 4: 2973-2995
S. Bottura-Scardina, A. Brunetti, C. Bottaini, C. Miguel (2021), On the use of hand-held X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy coupled to Monte Carlo simulations for the depth assessment of painted objects: The case study of a sixteenth-century illuminated printed book, Eur. Phys. J. Plus, 136: 341
R. Bordalo, C. Bottaini, A. Candeias (2021), A Framework Design for Information Management in Heritage Science Laboratories, Journal on Computing and Cultural Heritage, 14 (1): 1-14
R. Vilaça, M. Osório, D. Fernandes, C. Bottaini, S. Silva (2020), A ocupação Pré-histórica do Cabeço de Caria Talaia (Sabugal), CUPAUAM, 46: 79-117
Bottaini C., Mirão J., Candeias A., Catarino H., Silva R., Brunetti A., Elemental characterisation of a collection of metallic oil lamps from South-Western al-Andalus using EDXRF and Monte Carlo simulation, Eur. Phys. J. Plus (2019) 134: 365

* For more publications, perform a search by author name on Digital Repository of Scientific Publications of UÉ.

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