Holders of University Degrees



This route is intended for candidates holding a university degree, such as a Bachelor’sMaster or Doctorate diploma .


Applications must be submitted online using the appropriate form. You will, however, first be required to register on the website .

Step 1:  Register here .
Step 2:  Fill in the application form here .

You must submit the following documents , in electronic format, with your application:

  • Diploma or certificate of completion of the degree held;
  • A statement from the higher education establishment awarding the degree, indicating the final grade average and the grading scale used, indicating the minimum pass mark (applicable whenever the diploma makes no reference to the final grade average of the degree, and it does not appear on the 0-20 grading scale);
  • If you are a national of a non-EU country, a document confirming that you do not have international student status, but fall under one of the criteria to which such status does not apply.

Applications will only be reviewed after the application fee has been paid.

If you are applying to the direct route for a degree in Music, you must register in advance and pass the Vocational Aptitude Test (PAVE) . You will automatically be considered for this route if you have indicated this in your PAVE application. However, the application must be validated  within the time frame for applying for this arrangement. Tests will be taken within the time frame indicated under Application Deadlines .

In case of placement and after registering, all students (except those that entered through the National Access Contest) must present ( click here to see how to make an appointment ) the following documents:


a)   up to 30 days after registration, the original documents of the qualification certificates included in the application;

b)   until August 31 of the year of admission, proof of application for a visa, in the case of an international student not residing in Portugal;

c)   until November 30 of the year of admission, the prerequisites  issued by a doctor registered with the Portuguese Medical Association, in case of an international student enrolled in a 1st cycle or Integrated Master's that requires them;

d)   until November 30 of the year of admission, the identification document and the visa (when applicable).

The student who does not proceed according to the above mentioned deadlines, the placement and enrollment will be cancelled  .  Until the aforementioned procedures are carried out, no proof of enrollment, certificate of achievement or certification document will be issued

The information on this page does not replace the need to read the regulations in force  on this matter.


Single Phase

  • Applications: 05/Jul/2022 to 19/Aug/2022
  • Placement results: by 29/Aug/2022
  • Enrolment: 29/Aug/2022 to 02/Sept/2022
  • Placement results following re-placement and/or redistribution of places available, if applicable: by 06/Sept/2022
  • Enrolment following re-placement and/or redistribution of places available, if applicable: 06/Sept/2022 to 09/Sept/2022



See course details for information on places available .


Under this arrangement, no additional assessment tests are required, except for acceptance into the degree in Music, where candidates must sit and pass the Vocational Aptitude Test (PAVE) .

Candidates submitting applications for courses that have prerequisites  must meet those requirements and submit documentary evidence when enrolling.



For more information, visit SAC.ONLINE , the Academic Services Student Online Help Desk.

Click here  for information on the Academic Services Student Help Desk operating hours.