National Access Route


Most applications for Bachelor’s degrees (1st cycle) and Integrated Master degrees are submitted through the National Access Route to Higher Education (CNA), organised by the Directorate-General for Higher Education and taking place at the end of the academic year in three application phases.

In order to apply, candidates must:

  • Hold a secondary education course or legally equivalent qualification;
  • Take, or have taken over the past two years, the national exams corresponding to the entrance exams required for the different courses and institutions to which they are applying;
  • Fulfil the prerequisites   if they are required by the institution for the course for which they are applying.

For more information on the entrance exams required for each of the Bachelor’s or Integrated Master degrees of the University of Évora, as well as the score of the last student placed in the preceding academic year, the formula for calculating the application score, the minimum grade required, and the places available, visit our Portal - Courses. 


Applications are submitted through the Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES) online platform .

Application documents required:

  • Password  to access the online application system;
  • The ENES Form (National Secondary Education Exams) issued by the Secondary School where the exams were taken;
  • Prerequisite Form  if any of the institution/course pairs require prerequisites from Groups C, G, I, K, M, P, R, V, Y and Z.

The information in the Portal does not replace the need to visit the DGES website .


To be published on the DGES website


See course details for information on places available


In the 1st phase of the national exams, the places available for each course at each higher education institution are distributed among a general quota and special quotas for candidates under special conditions, as follows:

Candidates will have to meet all the criteria and conditions required for the general quota, and the same rules will apply: the need to take the entrance exams and their period of validity, how scores are used in each application phase, and the exams taken abroad.  Application deadlines are defined in the deadlines to be published on the DGES website . Candidates may only apply to the special quota in the 1st phase, except for candidates with a disability, who may apply in the 2nd phase.


Directorate-General for Higher Education (DGES) website:


The Higher Education Admissions Office of the University of Évora  provides support in the online submission of applications.

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