Requirements for Foreign Secondary Education Students

For students holding non-Portuguese courses legally equivalent to the Portuguese secondary education , the entrance exams may be replaced with final exams of the non-Portuguese secondary education subjects, provided these exams:

  • are national in scope or are recognised in the country;
  • refer to subjects similar to those of the entrance exams.

Similar subjects are considered to be those which, although with a different name, have an identical level and objectives and similar contents as those of the entrance exam syllabus they are meant to replace. The National Commission for Access to Higher Education (CNAES) decides on the equivalence of the subjects and publishes its Resolution every year in the Portuguese Official Journal, which sets out the equivalences.

The request for replacing this exam must be submitted to the General-Directorate for Higher Education (DGES) , but may be done in person at the Higher Education Admissions Office of the University of Évora.

For more information, visit the SAC online help desk .


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