Vocational Aptitude Tests (PAVE)


Passing the Vocational Aptitude Test (PAVE) is mandatory for all candidates applying for the Bachelor’s degree in Music, irrespective of the route through which they are applying. All candidates applying for the Bachelor’s degree in Music must begin by registering for the PAVE, selecting the route through which they wish to apply, and must subsequently validate their application, except when applying as over 23 candidate, in which case candidates will be automatically registered for the PAVE when registering for Over 23 Entrance Exams.


Applications must be submitted online using the appropriate form. You will, however, first be required to register on the website .

Step 1:  Register here .
Step 2:  Fill in the application form here .

You must register for the Vocational Aptitude Test (PAVE), indicating the route through which you wish to apply and the branch and instrument in which you wish to take the PAVE. You can register in up to three branches/instruments.

You must submit the documents required for the course/route you wish to enrol in when registering for the Vocational Aptitude Test, as indicated in the Regulation on Acceptance and Admission to UÉ .

The information on this page does not replace the need to read the regulations in force  on this matter.


Registration for exams: 20/jul/2022 to 25/jul/2022

Examinations: 29/jul/2022 (room of mirrors of Colégio Mateus d`Aranda)

  • Theoretical tests: 10 a.m./12:30 p.m. in room 205 of  Colégio Espirito Santo (candidates must bring headphones)
  • Practical exams in the mirror room of Colégio Mateus d`Aranda 

                       2 pm - Viola
                       3pm - Tuba
                       4pm - Bass and electric Jazz bass
                       5pm - Oboe


Check the course for information about the initial vacancies .


Vacancies 2nd phase (in the instruments that had no candidates in the 1st phase):

  • Interpretation - Specific Training in Oboé 3
  • Interpretation - Specific Training in Tuba/Eufónio 2  
  • Interpretation - Specific Training in Viola de Arco 2
  • Jazz - Specialized Training in Contrabaixo Jazz/ Baixo Elétrico 1


The Vocational Aptitude Test (PAVE)  comprises:

  • A written exam
  • A practical exam

More information about the PAVE:



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