Over 23 Candidates

For whom

The special competition is designed for people over 23 years of age and is open to those who have passed the Assessment Tests for attending Higher Education and who cumulatively meet the following conditions:

a) Turned 23 by December 31 of the year preceding the Tests;

b) Do not hold a qualification to access Higher Education, and the candidate must declare this in the application form. It is considered that the student does not hold a higher education qualification if:

a) Did not complete secondary education;

b) Completed secondary education but

        i.  Did not take, or having taken, did not pass the entrance exams required for the intended institution/course;

       ii.  Completed the entrance exams required for the intended institution/course, but these are no longer valid.



Under the terms of Deliberation No. 1233/2014 of the National Commission for Access to Higher Education, national final exams held before 2022 are valid as entrance exams in the year they are held and in the following two years. As of 2022, exams are valid for the year they are held and for the following four years, according to CNAES Deliberation No. 1043/2021, of 10/13.

Candidates whose nationality is from a country outside the European Union may only register to take the tests if they are not covered by the international student status (regulated by Decree-Law n.º 62/2018, from August 6th, in its current wording and by article 49th of the Regulation on Acceptance and Admission to the University of Évora  .

Candidates who pass the M23 assessment tests  are considered candidates for the Special Contest for Over 23 years old .


How to Apply

Applications must be submitted online using the appropriate form. You will, however, first be required to register on the website .

Step 1:  Register here   .
Step 2:  Fill in the application form here   .

Candidates should start by registering for the Over 23 Years assessment tests . In the application form, you must attach the following documents  in digital format:

  • Curriculum  Vitae (Europass  model);
  • Documents proving the training and professional experience declared in the  Currículo Vitae ;
  • Certificate of academic qualifications;
  • Document proving date of birth;
  • Supporting document in case of requesting exemption from taking a specific test under Article 32th of the Applications Regulation  ;
  • Document proving exception to international student status in case you have nationality from a country outside the European Union but are covered by one of the cases in which this status does not apply;
  • In case of military personnel who intend to adhere under article 14th of Decree-Law n.º 76/2018, from October 11th, they must attach a Declaration proving the provision of at least one year of service in RC and four years of effective service in RCE.


Validation of documents

The documents included in the application are submitted for validation by the Academic Services of the University of Évora, and this submission must be made possible by the candidates who will be placed, by complying with the following procedures.

1.  Submission of the qualification documents for validation , which can be done in one of the following ways, within 30 (thirty) consecutive days of enrolment:

a) In person, at the SAC, by presenting the original documents that were submitted digitally in the application;

b) By registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, by sending a certified copy of the original documents. The documents must be certified by a national public entity, CTT, Notaries, Lawyers, Solicitors, Registry Offices, Parish Councils, or Chambers of Commerce and Industry, in accordance with the combined provisions of article 363 of the Civil Code and article 38 of Decree-Law no. 76-A/2006, of May 29, as amended;

c) By registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt, by sending the original documents that were submitted digitally in the application, and the University of Évora cannot be held responsible, under any circumstances, for the loss of documents. The originals will be returned to the student in person, when they present themselves at the SAC.

(Mailing address: Largo dos Colegiais, Apartado 94, 7000-554 Évora)

2. Present the identification document , as referred to above in points a) or b), by October 31st of the academic year of enrollment, and international students must also present the corresponding visa.

3. Applicants placed on a bachelor's or integrated master's degree course subject to pre-requisites must, by October 31st of the academic year of enrolment, submit the pre-requisite form made available by DGES , in accordance with paragraph 1 a) above, duly completed by the doctor registered with the Portuguese Medical Association and inserted at the time of online enrolment.

No proof of enrolment, certificate of achievement or certification document may be issued until the documents have been validated in accordance with the provisions of this article.

Failure to comply with the above deadlines and procedures will result in the annulment of the placement and registration, and the candidate will lose the right to the place.


The information on this page does not replace the need to read the regulations in force  on this matter.


Bachelor’s and Integrated Master Degrees



Enrollment in assessment tests - Over 23 years old candidates

Registration for the assessment tests : 13/Mar/2024 to 15/May/2024 

Specific tests:  24/Jun//2024 to 28/Jun/2024

Specific tests results : until 26/Jul/2024

Interviews : 15/Jul/2024 to 19/Jul/2024

Assessment tests results : until 21/Jul/2024


Applications – Over 23 years old

Applications :  21/MJun/2024 to 26/Jul/2024 
Placement results : until 09/ago/2024
Enrolment : 09/Ago/2024 to 19/Ago/2024
Results after reallocations and/or redistribution of vacancies, if applicable : until 28/Ago/2024
Enrollments after relocations and/or redistribution of vacancies, if applicable : 28/Ago/2024 by 30/Ago/2024


Places Available

See course details for information on places available  .

In case of ties, the tie-breaking criteria will be applied under the terms of article 10 of the Regulation for Applications for Access and Admission to the UÉ.

Entry Requirements

The Assessment Tests for people over 23 years of age are designed to assess the ability to attend a Bachelor's or Integrated Master's course and are held annually. These tests include:

  1. Specific knowledge test(s) (60%)
  2. Curriculum  analysis (30%)
  3. Interview (10%)


The Specific Tests consist of a written test of a theoretical nature, held at the University of Évora in which the candidate must register, in accordance with the Admission Test(s) required in the General Access Regime, for the course you want to enroll at UÉ through the special competition Over 23 years old.

Candidates may, when registering, request exemption from the test or specific tests, n provided they meet one of the following conditions:

  • In the last 3 years, have been successful in Portuguese secondary education, in the subjects corresponding to the entrance exams set by the UÉ for the National Access Competition for the course to which you are applying;
  • Approval in a Higher Education Institution of at least two curricular units per semester or one per year in the predominant scientific area of the course to which you intend to apply or in the scientific area of the entrance exam in the National Access Competition;
  • In the last 3 years, have passed the curricular units of the Preparatory Course for Admission to Higher Education at UÉ corresponding to the entrance exams of the course you intend to apply for.

Additional information about specific tests:

To take the specific test and the interview, within the scope of the Assessment Test, it is necessary to present an identification document, to be validated by a member of the jury present at the test and interview.

The curricular analysis will take into consideration the candidate’s academic and professional curriculum.

The candidate’s motivation, commitment and comprehension and analytical skills will be assessed during the interview.

Other requirements:  
Candidates submitting applications for courses that have prerequisites  must meet those requirements and submit documentary evidence when enrolling.

Regulations and Guides

Contact Information 

For more information, visit SAC.ONLINE  , the Academic Services Student Online Help Desk.

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