This route is only for UÉ students who suspended their studies and now wish to attend the same course in which they were enrolled, provided the following requirements are met:

  • Candidates were enrolled in and registered for the same course at UÉ or the course that preceded it;
  • Candidates have not enrolled in the course in the academic year prior to the year in which they wish to re-enrol.


Applications must be submitted online using the appropriate form. You will, however, first be required to register on the website .

Step 1:  Register here .
Step 2:  Fill in the application form here .

You must submit the following documents, in electronic format, with your application:

  • If you are a national of a non-EU country, a document confirming that you do not have international student status, but fall under one of the criteria to which such status does not apply.

Applications will only be reviewed after the application fee has been paid.

Note: You may only submit a readmission application for courses that have places available under the National Access Route (CNA). If no places are available under the CNA, you may submit your application via GesDoc , requesting readmission, which shall be subject to approval by the Rectorate.

The information on this page does not replace the need to read the regulations in force  on this matter.


1st Phase  
Applications: 05/Jul/2022 to 19/Aug/2022
Placement results: by 29/Aug/2022
Enrolment: 29/Aug/2022 to 02/Sept/2022

2nd Phase  
Applications: 07/Sept/2022 to 30/Sept/2022
Placement results: by 03/Oct/2022
Enrolment: by 07/Oct/2022


There is no limit to the number of places for readmission.


No additional tests or exams are required when applying through this route.



For more information, visit SAC.ONLINE , the Academic Services Student Online Help Desk.

Click here  for information on the Academic Services Student Help Desk office hours.