CHRC - Comprehensive Health Research Centre

FCT Assessment

The CHRC is a multidisciplinary, multi-institutional and comprehensive research center aimed at supporting, developing and fostering clinical, public health and health services research. Other CHRC pillars and core activities include health education and training, innovation, digital health, and entrepreneurship. It is organised along 4 thematic lines: Health promotion, public health and lifestyles; High burden and high mortality diseases; Health policies and healthcare services development; Health innovation.


Adelinda Maria Araújo Candeias (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Ana Cruz Ferreira (Assistant Professor)
Ana Margarida Molhinho Advinha (Invited Assistant Investigator)
Ana Maria Aguiar Frias (Adjunct Professor)
Ana Rita Matias (Assistant Professor)
Armando Manuel Mendonça Raimundo (Associate Professor with Agregação) [Director]
Catarina Pereira (Assistant Professor)
César Fonseca (Adjunct Professor)
Felismina Rosa Parreira Mendes (Coordinating Professor without Agregação)
Gabriela Sousa Neves de Almeida (Assistant Professor)
Gorete Reis (Coordinating Professor without Agregação)
Graça Duarte Santos (Assistant Professor)
Guida Veiga (Assistant Professor)
Hugo Folgado (Assistant Professor)
João Paulo Sousa (Assistant Professor)
João Valente Nabais (Assistant Professor with Agregação)
Jorge Duarte dos Santos Bravo (Assistant Professor)
Lara Guedes de Pinho (Invited Assistant Investigator)
Laurência Gemito (Coordinating Professor without Agregação)
Luís Sousa (Adjunct Professor)
Manuel José Lopes (Professor Coordenador c/ Agregação)
Margarida Sim-Sim (Coordinating Professor without Agregação)
Maria do Céu Marques (Coordinating Professor without Agregação)
Maria Otília Brites Zangão (Adjunct Professor)
Nuno Miguel Prazeres Batalha (Assistant Professor)
Pablo Carús (Associate Professor)
Ramiro Pastorinho (Assistant Professor)
Carla Fernandes Malheiro (Senior Official)