Tuition Fees

Tuition fee is the fee paid by the student in exchange for the provision of the “teaching” service. Students enrolled at the University of Évora are considered debtors of the tuition fee for the academic year in which they enroll, obtain accreditation or submit a thesis / dissertation / work project / internship project or any other curricular act.

The amount of tuition fees is fixed annually in the Rector's Order . The amount of tuition fees is independent of the number of ECTS obtained in accreditation, as well as the number of curricular units in which the student is enrolled up to a maximum of 72 ECTS / year, except in the 1st year of admission in which, at most, the student, of any cycle of studies, can only enroll for 60 ECTS / year.

In addition to the tuition fees, the following registration / enrollment payments are also due:

  • Annual school insurance premium , is paid on the 1st payment of the tuition fees;
  • Enrollment fee, is paid on the 1st payment of the tuition fees, being also due on the act of re-entry or change of course. The application of the enrollment fee in association courses is subject to the approval of its application by the partner institutions.


Payment of tuition fees can be made as follows:

  • In full during the 1st payment period
  • In 8 payments

-1st payment until September 30, 2019

  -2nd payment until November 30, 2019

 -3rd payment until December 31, 2019

 -4th payment until January 31, 2020

 -5th payment until February 28, 2020

 -6th payment until May 31, 2020

 -7th payment until June 30, 2020

 -8th payment until July 31, 2020


Payment Methods

Payment can be made using:

  • the ATM network or equivalent process through Homebanking / Internet;
  • in person at the treasury located at the SAC;
  • via Paypal. This form of payment is quite simple and secure, with the advantage of the transaction being validated at SIIUE immediately after payment. To use this service you must have a Paypal  account. The creation of this account is free.
  • In the case of foreign students, in which it is not possible to pay by the means mentioned above, they can request the Treasury, by email (, the data to make the transfer, however the payment is only considered done when proof of transfer is sent to the Treasury e-mail.

The information necessary to make the respective payment (ref. ATM, entity, etc.) is available in the student profile at SIIUE , and you can consult the Payment Amounts Guide .

The Tuition Regulation  of the University of Évora enshrines the special tuition schemes for students enrolled and registered in a cycle of studies, which meet the conditions and deliver the required documentation to take advantage of one of the following schemes:

  • Former combatants of military operations and their children
  • Teaching Agents
  • Armed Forces Handicapped
  • Higher Education Professors at UÉ
  • UÉ employee students
  • Cooperating Professor
  • Part-time student
  • Protocol with other institutions
  • Tuition fee paid by another institution upon invoice from UÉ
  • Scholarship holders from other institutions - Scholarship paid directly to UÉ
  • Scholarship from another Institution - Scholarship paid to the student

How to do it

Recognition of the right to a special tuition fee depends on the student's annual requirement, and the request must be made, annually, online in the Student profile, at SIIUE .

Required Documents 

The necessary documentation to obtain the respective regime must be introduced when requiring for it.


The request must be made online at the time of registration through the SIIUE SIIUE, or after registration and until October 31, through an application to be submitted in GESDOC .

Additional Information

If you register up to 30 ECTS, the SIIUE offers the the option of benefiting from the part-time regime, being that:

  • If you register up to 15 ECTS and confirm that you want the regime, the minimum fee is due, and you cannot register more ECTS during the academic year;
  • If you register for more than 15 ECTS and up to 30 ECTS and confirm that you want the scheme, 70% of the annual fee is due, or the minimum fee if the amount resulting from the 70% of the annual fee is lower than this, and you cannot register more ECTS during the school year;
  • If you confirm the request for the part-time regime and later intend to register for more ECTS, you will have to submit an application, within the deadlines defined in the Academic Procedures Calendars for registration or changes, to request the registration (identifying the CU), losing the regime if it exceeds the regulated ECTS.
  • If you enroll in the CU Thesis (3rd cycle) on a part-time regime, 70% of the annual tuition fee for the respective cycle of studies / course is due, or the minimum tuition fee if the amount resulting from the 70% annual tuition fee is lower than this and implies that, for each academic year in which the student chooses this regime, he will have to enroll in the subsequent academic year.
  • If you register for Dissertation / Project Work or Internship Report (2nd cycle), 70% of the annual tuition fee for the respective cycle of studies / course is due, or the minimum fee if the amount resulting from the 70% tuition fee is less than this and implies

-enrollment at CU in both semesters, of the same academic year, if the CU has up to 42 ECTS;

   -enrollment in the UC in two academic years, if the UC has more than 42 ECTS.

  • In the case of international students, it is due to the part-time regime, 70% of the tuition fee of the academic year defined annually in Rectoral OrderM or the minimum tuition fee if the amount resulting from the 70% of the annual tuition is less than this.

The settlement of tuition debts must occur by July 15 of the academic year to which it refers, unless the student adheres to a phased tuition payment plan.

Penalties for breach of payment:

Failure to pay the tuition fee due in the academic year, in the amounts and within the established deadlines, implies:

  • The nullity of all curricular acts practiced in the academic year to which the non-compliance of the obligation refers;
  • Suspension of registration and annual registration;
  • Failure to accept any application or evaluation;
  • The ban on access to the e-learning platform (Moodle ) and the student's academic record at SIIUE ;
  • Failure to issue any diploma or certificate of completion, or any other information document on the student's academic career, relatively to the academic year to which the debt refers, namely certificate of qualification, academic achievement or term of accreditation;
  • In the case of re-entry, change or entry into another cycle of studies, the student will only be able to enroll after proceeding with the total settlement of the tuition fees or adhering to the phased tuition payment plan in accordance with article 7 of Tuition Regulation , plus default interest at the legal rate in vigor.

Debt Phased Payment

For phased payment of the debt the student can adhere to the phased payment plan for tuition fees by formalizing the request at the Treasury located at the Academic Services (

The student who adheres to a payment plan is also obliged to pay the tuition fees for the current academic year corresponding to the cycle of studies in which he / she enrolls.

Regulations and Guides:


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