CHAIA - Center for Art History and Artistic Research

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CHAIA - Centro de História da Arte e Investigação Artística
Palácio do Vimioso
Largo Marquês de Marialva, 8

7000-809 Évora


The CHAIA - Center for Art History and Artistic Research is a multidisciplinary R&D unit that carries out research, dissemination, advanced training and cooperation activities in the following fields: artistic, archaeological, architectural and landscape heritage; artistic and project practices; arts, communities and identities. These fields are addressed from a critical and multidisciplinary approach, in which the study of the past is combined with present artistic and project practices, to address heritage as a cultural and social process of representation and re-significance of collective or individual cultural heritages and identities.


Ana Tamen (Assistant Professor)
André Miguel Serra Pedreira Carneiro (Assistant Professor with Agregação)
Celia Figueiredo (Assistant Professor)
Inês Secca Ruivo (Associate Professor)
Isabel Maria Gonçalves Bezelga (Assistant Professor)
João Barros Matos (Assistant Professor)
João Manuel Bernardo (Associate Professor)
Jorge de Oliveira (Full Professor)
Luís Filipe Soares Afonso (Assistant Professor)
Manuela Cristóvão (Associate Professor)
Maria do Céu Simões Tereno (Assistant Professor)
Maria Teresa Amado (Assistant Professor)
Nelson Almeida (Invited Assistant Professor)
Paula Maria Simões (Assistant Professor)
Paula Maria Vieira Reaes Pinto (Assistant Professor)
Paulo Maldonado (Assistant Professor)
Paulo Simões Rodrigues (Associate Professor) [Director]
Pedro Guilherme (Assistant Professor)
Pedro Matos Gameiro (Assistant Professor)
Pedro Paulo Alves Pereira (Assistant Professor with Agregação)
Pedro Portugal (Assistant Professor)
Rui Valério (Assistant Professor)
Rute Sousa Matos (Assistant Professor)
Sofia Salema (Associate Professor)
Teresa Veiga Furtado (Assistant Professor)
Tiago Navarro Marques (Assistant Professor)