Marine and Environmental Sciences Center (MARE-UE)


MARE-UE is a center for scientific research and technological development and innovation that focuses on the study of aquatic, freshwater estuary and marine ecosystems, aiming to develop policies and practices for the conservation and sustainability of resources and in support of governance. This mission is achieved through scientific research, education, and knowledge and technology transfer, as well as the dissemination of science.
With 7 centres across the country, MARE is organised into 2 ecosystem-oriented research groups, "River Basins" and "Coastal Systems and Ocean", and 7 cross-cutting thematic lines: Hydraulics, Water Resources and Sedimentary Environments; Biodiversity and Functioning of Ecosystems; Biotechnology and Natural Resource Enhancement; Exploration and Monitoring Technologies; Aquaculture and Fisheries;  Environmental Risk; Governance and Literacy.



Phone +351 269 634 250
Address MARE – Centro de Ciências do Mar e do Ambiente, Universidade de Évora, Departamento de Biologia, Apartado 94, , 7002-554 Évora