International Students


All students who have nationality of a country that does not belong to the European Union and who hold:

• Qualification that gives access to higher education in the country of origin (diploma or certificate issued by a competent authority attesting the completion of secondary education or legal equivalent and passing exams (for example ENEM in the case of Brazil), or

• Portuguese secondary education diploma or legally equivalent qualification, awarded by a secondary school or by the competent services of the Ministry of Education;

  Not covered by this special contest:

• Candidates who are not nationals of a Member State of the European Union and who have been legally residing in Portugal for more than two years, uninterruptedly, on January 1st of the year in which they intend to enter higher education; or

• Candidates with dual nationality, one of which is from a Member State of the European Union;

• Those who are beneficiaries, on January 1st of the year in which they intend to join, of a status of equal rights and duties attributed under an international treaty granted between the Portuguese State and the State of which they are nationals;

• Family members of Portuguese or nationals of a Member State of the European Union. Spouses or common-law partners, and direct descendants or ascendants who are dependent on a citizen of the European Union are considered family members.

• Students enrolled in a foreign Higher Education Institution who wish to undertake a mobility period at the University of Évora.

• Students who apply for admission to Higher Education through special regimes.


In the application form, the candidate must declare, under oath, that he does not have Portuguese nationality, nor is he covered by the conditions mentioned above.

Students who enter through this competition maintain the status of international student as long as they remain in the cycle of studies they enter, even if, during the frequency of the cycle of studies, they will be granted the status of equal rights and duties under of an international treaty granted between the Portuguese State and the State of which they are nationals. The exception is the case of international students who acquire the nationality of a Member State of the European Union, and the cessation of application of the international student status takes effect in the academic year following the date of acquisition of nationality.


Foreign students not covered by this contest must apply through the contests for students of the European Union.


Applications must be submitted online using the appropriate form. You will, however, first be required to register on the website  .

Step 1:  Register here   .
Step 2:  Fill in the application form here  

When applying, the candidate must deliver a copy of the identification document, a document proving the situation regarding the Portuguese language (if applicable), and, alternatively, one of the following three:

a) Proof of completion of Secondary Education or equivalent authenticated by the Embassy or Consulate of Portugal in the country where it was completed or with the Hague Apostille, which contains the marks obtained in each of the mentioned subjects;

b) Evidence document, authenticated by the Embassy or Consulate of Portugal or with the Hague Apostille in the country where it was carried out, of the performance and respective classification(s) obtained in the scope of the exam(s) of access to Higher Education, in the event that in the country of origin of the qualifications it is required to take entrance exams to Higher Education, in addition to Secondary Education;

c) Document proving completion of Portuguese Secondary Education and success in the entrance exams carried out under the General Access Regime, in the case of holder of Portuguese Secondary Education, or legal equivalent.

If you hold a Portuguese language certificate (Elementary Diploma of Portuguese as a Foreign Language or Portuguese Language Certificate level B1) you must attach it to the application as well as an identification document, alternatively presenting it in person at the Academic Services so that the application can be be analyzed.

Documents referring to foreign qualifications, with the exception of those obtained in countries of the European Union, for the application process it is necessary that the scanned documents, to be submitted in the application, are obligatorily certified with an Apostille under the Hague Convention, of October 5, 1961, or by the Consulate of Portugal in the country where the qualifications were obtained, for the authenticity of the signature, seal or stamp of the issuing authority of the document that confers the qualifications. In the case of admission, it will be necessary, within 3 days after the announcement of the ranking results, to send/present the original qualification documents, exactly the same as those included in the application. If they are not delivered within 30 days after registration, the registration will be canceled and the candidate will lose the vacancy. An acceptance letter will only be issued after receipt of these original documents or duly authenticated copies.


1st Phase  

Applications : 15/Feb/2023 to 15/Mar/2023

Placement Results : by 05/Apr/2023

Enrolment : 05/Apr/2023 to 10/Apr/2023

Placement results following re-placement and/or redistribution of places available, if applicable : by 14/Apr/2023

Enrolment following re-placement and/or redistribution of places available, if applicable : 14/Apr/2023 to 21/Apr/2023


2nd Phase  

Only for the following courses:

- Degree in ecologia e ambiente with 1 vacancy left

- Degree in Industrial Engenharia e Gestão Industrial  with 1 vacancy left


Applications : until 21/jun/2023

Results : until 12/jul/2023

Registrations : 12/jul/2023 until 17/jul/2023


NOTE : Portuguese language proficiency diagnostic test (automatic inscription upon enrollment): By 30/Sep/2023

NOTE2: International students who wish to apply for a music degree should enrol in the Music Specific Aptitude Test and will be considered candidates in the 2nd phase if they are approved in this Test.



See course details for information on places available .


To apply to a specific course at the University of Évora, international students must demonstrate knowledge in the subjects of the entrance examinations of a level and content equivalent to those of students admitted through the National Access Competition , specified in Annex II and III of the Access and Admission Application Regulations . 

It is necessary to be approved in the subjects of secondary education equivalent to the admission exams required in the National Access Competition , for the course to which one applies.

Applicants who do not meet the specific qualifications under the terms mentioned above may , by decision of the President of the Jury, be subject to attendance and success in the Preparatory Course for Entry to Higher Education or in the Curricular Units of that course corresponding to the entrance exams of the degree or integrated master's degree in which they intend to enter.

Other requirements:

Applications to courses where prerequisites are required are conditional upon their satisfaction, and a statement proving this must be delivered to the Academic Services in order for the enrolment to be validated.

With the exception of the candidates who have attended Secondary Education in Portuguese, the candidates to this special entrance competition must fulfil one of the following conditions

a) Present an Elementary Diploma of Portuguese as a Foreign Language (DEPLE);

b) Present an authenticated B1 certificate;

c) Make a commitment to attend and pass a Portuguese language course to be taught by the UÉ in case they do not demonstrate proficiency of at least level B1 in the Portuguese language diagnostic test to be held according to annually stipulated deadlines;




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