Students Ombudsman

Provedor do Estudante

The Students Ombudsman is a welcoming home known for bringing everyone together and facilitating communication, where you will find and always have someone to talk to and help you.  As your Ombudsman, I am always available for anything you need and you can count on me to see you through any tough and confusing times with the proper resources and most appropriate processes.

Manuel Marchante

Students Ombudsman


It is the Students Ombudsman’s duty to defend and safeguard the rights and legitimate interests of UÉ students, including handling the complaints and claims he receives and acting on his own initiative, making the appropriate recommendations to the competent bodies and organisations based on the result of his queries.

Based on the principle of independence and impartiality, the Students Ombudsman is at the students’ disposal acting, when necessary and appropriate, and as a last resort, as a mediator in matters related to guaranteeing rights and ensuring accountability for duties.


Students Ombudsman Regulation


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