CIMA - Research Center in Mathematics and Applications

Phone +351 266 744 616
CIMA-UE - Centro de Investigação em Matemática e Aplicações
Colégio Luís António Verney
Rua Romão Ramalho, 59

7000-671 Évora


Some of CIMA's objectives are, among others,  to promote research in Mathematics and its various applications; support the implementation of training programmes for young researchers and human resources in this field of knowledge; disseminate scientific knowledge in its area, in particular through publications and the organisation of meetings, seminars and conferences; promote scientific exchange with national and international institutions and researchers in the same and related areas; contribute, within its field, to the development of science and the optimisation of regional and national productive sectors.


Ana Sampaio (Assistant Professor)
Carlos Correia Ramos (Associate Professor)
Clara Carlota (Assistant Professor)
Dulce Gamito Santinhos Pereira (Assistant Professor)
Dulce Gomes (Assistant Professor)
Fátima Maria Filipe Pereira (Assistant Professor)
Feliz Manuel Barrão Minhós (Full Professor) [Director]
Fernando Manuel Lucas Carapau (Associate Professor)
Gonçalo João Costa Jacinto (Assistant Professor)
Joaquim M. C. Correia (Assistant Professor)
Jorge Manuel Azevedo dos Santos (Assistant Professor)
Luís Bandeira (Assistant Professor)
Luís Rato (Associate Professor)
Manuel Baptista Branco (Associate Professor)
Maria Clara Canotilho Grácio (Associate Professor)
Maria Manuela Melo Oliveira (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Miguel Barão (Assistant Professor)
Paulo Infante (Associate Professor)
Paulo Manuel de Barros Correia (Assistant Professor)
Pedro Macias Marques (Assistant Professor)
Rui Albuquerque (Assistant Professor with Agregação)
Russell Alpizar-Jara (Associate Professor)
Sandra Maria Santos Vinagre (Assistant Professor)
Sara Luísa Dimas Fernandes (Assistant Professor)
Vladimir Alekseevitch Bushenkov (Associate Professor) [Coordenador de Pólo]