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Solar Energy Engineering

Master Degree

Ano Letivo 2023/2024

Course Overview

Provide scientific and technical training at the master's level in the area of Solar Energy Engineering. Competences to be acquired: Ability to evaluate solar energy resource; Understanding the operation and control of solar energy systems, energy conversion and storage; Ability to develop projects to take advantage of solar energy resource; Knowledge of national and european legislation in the field of renewable energy.
Organic Unit: School of Science and Technology
Duration: 3 Semesters/90 ECTS credits (54 required and 0 optional in curricular units)
Language: Portuguese, English
Regime: Day classes

Career Prospects

Companies workinng on solar thermal energy at low temperature, ambient air conditioning, photovoltaic and thermoelectric generation, integrated and autonomous/microgeneration systems, consultancy and projects in the field of solar energy, industries for the development of new equipment, teaching and scientific and technical training in the field of solar energy.

Specific Entry Requirements

People who apply to the Master of Engineering of Solar Energy must meet one of the following requirements: a) Holders of a degree in Renewable Energy Engineering; b) Holders of a degree in the field of Renewable Energy, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, or similar course, conferred by Portuguese or foreign institutions of higher education.


Este é um dos Mestrados abrangidos pelo Income Share Agreement  (ISA) , um programa da Fundação José Ferreira Neves (FJN) criado para que possas estudar sem que o pagamento das propinas seja um obstáculo. Candidata-te aqui !

Access Routes and Applications

Tuition Fees

Information not available.

Course Committee

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Academic Year: 2022/2023


Contact Information

Director: Paulo Canhoto []

Academic Manager: Vitória dos Anjos Bonito Guiomar
Academic Services (online): SAC.ONLINE