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Bachelor's Degree

Ano Letivo 2023/2024

Course Overview

In a fresh and interdisciplinary approach to sociology, this degree course provides solid fundamental knowledge in sociology, its objects of study, theoretical perspectives and research methods, ensuring a close link between theoretical and methodological training. Problematization, analytical, critical thinking and synthesis, objectification, curiosity, communication and team work are encouraged, as well as lifelong self-learning and learning management.

Organic Unit: School of Social Sciences
Duration: 6 Semesters/180 ECTS credits (150 required and 30 optional in curricular units)
Language: Portuguese
Regime: Day classes

Career Prospects

Companies; Social economy organisations; International organisations; Central and regional governments; Local authorities; Development agencies; Associations.

Entry Requirements

Entrance Exams

One of the following exams:
  • 09 - Geography
  • 11 - History
  • 18 - Portuguese
  • 06 - Philosophy
Média do secundário: 65% Provas de ingresso: 35%
Last admission grade 2022/2023: 131.4

Access Routes and Applications

National Access Route to Higher Education (CNA)
Places available: 41
International Students
Places available: 20
Over 23 Years of Age
Places available: 7
Degree Holders
Places available: 4
CET Holders
Places available: nd
TeSP Holders
Places available: nd
Change of Institution/Course Pair
Places available for first year: 4
Places for subsequent years: not subject to places
Professional and Artistic Routes of Secundary Education
Places available: nd
Places available: not subject to places

Tuition Fees

Annual Tuition Fees

Students from EU countries
697.00 €
International Students
2500.00 €
International Students with Merit Scholarships
1050.00 €
International Students with Cooperation and Development Grants
1250.00 €

Course Committee

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Contact Information

Director: Maria Manuel Serrano []

Academic Manager: Ana Cristina Alves Dias
Academic Services (online): SAC.ONLINE