Institute of Earth Sciences (ICT)

Coordenador Local

The Institute of Earth Sciences (ICT) is a research unit established in 2015, with centres in the Universities of Évora (main management unit), Minho and Porto, aimed at studying the Earth as an integrated system. The multidisciplinary team is organised into six research groups that deal with various areas of Earth Sciences: G1: "Atmosphere, Water and Climate Sciences; G2: "Energy"; G3: "Georesources and Geomaterials "; G4: "Geoconservation and Geoscience Education"; G5: "Environmental Monitoring and Remediation for Sustainability", and G6: "Lithosphere Dynamics".

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Ana Catarina Pinho (Senior Official)
Ana Maria Guedes de Almeida e Silva (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Ana Rodrigues Costa (Assistant Professor)
António Antunes Martins (Associate Professor)
António Chambel (Associate Professor)
António Ferreira Miguel (Associate Professor with Agregação)
António Heitor Reis (Full Professor)
António Manuel de Carvalho Soares Correia (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Célia M. Antunes (Associate Professor)
Cristina Gama (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Daniele Bortoli (Assistant Professor)
Diogo Canhão de Sousa Canavarro (Invited Research Assistant Professor)
João Fontiela (Researcher)
Jorge Manuel Costa Pedro (Associate Professor)
José Fernando Borges (Assistant Professor)
Júlio Ferreira Carneiro (Associate Professor)
Luís Fialho (Invited Research Associate Professor)
Luís Filipe Lopes Guerreiro (Research Assistant Professor)
Luís Lopes (Assistant Professor)
Manuel Francisco Pereira (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Maria Alexandra Penha (Senior Official)
Maria João Costa (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Maria Manuela Morais (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Miguel Potes (Researcher)
Mouhaydine Tlemcani (Assistant Professor)
Mourad Bezzeghoud (Full Professor) [Coordenador Local]
Noel Moreira (Researcher)
Nuno de Almeida Ribeiro (Assistant Professor)
Paulo Canhoto (Assistant Professor)
Pedro André dos Santos Ribeiro Horta (Invited Research Full Professor)
Rita Maria Ferreira Fonseca (Associate Professor)
Rui Manuel Soares Dias (Full Professor)
Rui Melicio (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Rui Paulo Vasco Salgado (Associate Professor with Agregação)
Vanda Salgueiro (Researcher)
André Albino (Senior Official)
Joel A. Barrenho (Senior Official) [Technician, Secretariat]
Josué Manuel Amaral Figueira (Operational Assistant) [Technician]
Marta Maria Medinas Pereira (Technical Assistant)
Samuel Ramos Bárias (Technical Assistant) [Technician]
Sérgio dos Santos Aranha (Technical Assistant) [Technician]
Vanda Maria Marques Rebelo (Coordenador de 3º grau)


Phone +351 266 745 372
Address Instituto de Ciências da Terra, Universidade de Évora, Colégio Luis António Verney | Rua Romão Ramalho, 59, 7002-554 Évora