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João Fontiela

Researcher (ICT - Institute of Earth Sciences)

Fixed-term employment contract

Doctoral Degree: Doutoramento em Ciências da Terra e do Espaço/Geofísica (Universidade de Évora - 2018)
ICT - Institute of Earth Sciences (Integrated Member with doctorate)
observational seismology, array seismology, environmental seismology, seismic hazard assessment, volcano-seismology, seismic noise, natural hazards.
PTDC/CTA-GEF/031260/2017 / Portugal 2020 ,FCT
acrónimo: SSN-Alentejo
finished in 31/08/2020
Caldeira B., J. Fontiela, J. F. Borges, M. Bezzeghoud, 2017. Large earthquakes in the Azores. Física de la Tierra, 29 (2017), 29-45
Bezzeghoud M.; Ayadi A.; Caldeira B., Fontiela J., Borges J. F., 2017. The largest earthquakes in Algeria in the modern period: the El Asnam and Zemmouri-Boumerd s faults. Física de la Tierra, 29 (2017), 183-202.
Fontiela J., M. Bezzeghoud, Rosset P., Rodrigues F.C., 2017. Maximum Observed Intensity Map for the Azores Archipelago (Portugal) from 1522- 2012 seismic catalogue, 2017. Seismological Research Letter, 88, 4
Okada, J., H. Sato, S. Mimatsu, J. Fontiela & H. Okada, 2016 - Long run communication support based on diagnostic symptom to the eruption as key roles of volcanologists toward sleeping giant - Case studies from Bandai, Usu and Azores. Cities on Volcanoes 9, 20- 25 November, Puerto Varas - Chile.
João Fontiela, Mourad Bezzeghoud, Francisco Cota Rodrigues, Philippe Rosset, 2015. Intensidades máximas observadas nos Açores (Portugal): resultados preliminares. Workshop em Ciências da Terra e do Espaço, Edited by Bento Caldeira, Maria João Costa, 145-151, chapter Intensidades máximas observadas nos Açores (Portugal): resultados preliminares; Universidade de Évora., ISBN: 978-989-98836-2-8
João Fontiela, Mourad Bezzeghoud, Philippe Rosset, Paulo Borges, José Borges, Francisco Cota Rodrigues: Azores seismogenic zones. Workshop em Ciências da Terra e do Espaço, Ed. 2014, Edited by Bento Caldeira, Maria João Costa, 10/2014: chapter Azores seismogenic zones; Universidade de Évora., ISBN: 9789899883611

* For more publications, perform a search by author name on Digital Repository of Scientific Publications of UÉ.

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