Mobility Scholarship Applications


In most programs, applications for scholarships are made at the home institution. In other words, students, teachear or non-teaching staff, who intend to take a period of mobility at the University of Évora, should contact the International Relations Office / Mobility Office of their institution to find out how to apply for mobility support schollarships. However, in the International Credit Mobility Programs and in the High Performance Computing and High Performance Data Analytics - HPD + HPDA programs,applications must be submitted online at the Integrated System of the University of Évora, in a specific form, that requires prior registration.

  • 1st Step:  Register here
  • 2nd Step:  Fill in application form here .

Application Deadline

1st Phase

  • Applications: 18/jan/2021 to 28/feb/2021 - due to the deadline extension it will take place until march 31, 2021 
  • Ranking of the Results: 01/Mar/2021 to 12/Mar/2021 - due to the deadline extension it will take place from 7 to 17 of april, 2021
  • Placement Results: by 26/Mar/2021 - due to the deadline extension it will take place until april 30, 2021

2nd Phase

  • Applications: 04/Oct/2021 to 29/Oct/2021
  • Ranking of the Results: 02/Nov/2021 to 12/Nov/2021
  • Results: By 26/Nov/2021

For more information about these programs check the mobility programs.

Open Application Guidelines

  • Institutional Program International Credit Mobility – S ee Guidelines   
  • International Credit Mobility Program – AMIGO Consortium -  See Guidelines (PT  , EN  , FR  )
  • High Perfomance Computing and High Perfomance Data Analytics Program- HPD+HPDA - See  Notice