International Relations and European Studies

Master Degree

Course Overview

The Master in International Relations and European Studies is an interdisciplinary programme that offers an in-depth analysis of the key actors, structures and processes that are shaping global politics. During the first year, the core of the programme introduces major issues and approaches to the study of international politics with a particular focus on the European Union both as an emergent polity and as an actor in a globalized world. The classes are designed to respect a careful balance between the theoretical and practical elements of the two core fields, in order to give the students a wide range of transferable skills essential both at the academic and at the professional level. In the second year the students are asked to write a supervised dissertation that allows them to further research and to apply knowledge and skills to a particular area of interest within the IR or the European Studies fields in line with their career aspirations.  
Organic Unit: School of Social Sciences
Duration: 4 Semesters/120 ECTS credits (48 required and 12 optional in curricular units)
Language: Portuguese
Regime: Day classes

Career Prospects

The graduates of the Master in International Relations and European Studies develop a wide range of theoretical and practical skills and competences that enable them to pursue a career both in the public and in the private sectors, namely in government departments, EU institutions and bodies, NGOs, political parties, lobby groups, and international business. After concluding our MA, graduates are best prepared to successfully exercise a broad variety of professions that include civil service, diplomacy, advocacy, consultancy, policy advice and analysis, teaching and research.

Specific Entry Requirements

The Master in International Relations and European Studies welcomes students from a fairly diverse range of academic backgrounds. Holders of a Bachelor degree or legal equivalent are eligible to apply to our Master. Each application will be considered on its academic merit. Graduates from Social Sciences, namely political sciences, economics and law will have preference.  Candidates should consult the selection criteria available on this site, in addition to the information provided here.  

Access Routes and Applications

Students from EU countries
Initial Places: 16
International Students
Initial Places: 9

Study Plan

Tuition Fees

Annual Tuition Fees

Students from EU countries
1050 €
International Students
2500 €
International Students with Merit Scholarships
1050 €
International Students with Cooperation and Development Grants
1250 €

Course Department


Academic Year: 2020/2021


Contact Information

Director: Evanthia Balla []

Academic Manager: Ana Cristina Alves Dias
Academic Services (online): SAC.ONLINE