Master Degree

Course Overview

The Master in Psychology follows the first cycle of training and aims to: a) Deepen the knowledge in the scientific area of Psychology; b) The development of competences of evaluation, analysis and psychological intervention; c) The development of personal and interpersonal skills indispensable for the professional exercise. This second cycle lasts for two academic years, and includes, in the second year, the completion of a curricular internship and a dissertation. Thus, and in accordance with the EuroPsy (European Certificate in Psychology), which regulates and recognizes the training of psychologists in Europe, this 2nd cycle completes the training obtained in the first cycle, and is a context of scientific, professional and personal development that allows the construction of knowledge and skills required for work and research in the field of Psychology. The Master in Psychology of the University of Évora has two areas: Clinical Psychology and Educational Psychology.
Organic Unit: School of Social Sciences
Duration: 4 Semesters/120 ECTS credits (78 required and 12 optional in curricular units)
Language: Portuguese
Regime: Day classes
Specialization Areas:
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Educational Psychology

Career Prospects

Where can psychologists work? After completion of the professional internship and certification by the Order of Portuguese Psychologists, psychologists may work in public or private Services, Institutions and Organizations that enable psychological intervention that promotes the development and well-being of individuals, groups and Organizations: Health (hospitals, health centers, emergency services, etc.); Education, Training and Research (schools, special education institutions, vocational training services, teaching and research, etc.); Support and Social Solidarity (nursing homes, associations of social and community intervention, Non-governmental organizations, etc.); Justice and Social Reintegration (courts, prisons, shelters, etc.); Business; central, regional and local public administration; Private practice.

Specific Entry Requirements

Licenciado (Graduation) Degree (1º ciclo) or legal equivalent, in scientific area of Psychology.

Access Routes and Applications

Initial Places by Specialization Area

Students from EU countries
International Students
Students from EU countries
International Students

Study Plan

Tuition Fees

Annual Tuition Fees

Students from EU countries
1050 €
International Students
2500 €
International Students with Merit Scholarships
1050 €
International Students with Cooperation and Development Grants
1250 €

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Director: Constança Biscaia []

Academic Manager: Rui Passão
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