Political Theory, International Relations and Human Rights

Doctoral Degree

Ano Letivo 2024/2025

Course Overview

The PhD in Political Theory, International Relations and Human Rights, created in partnership by the Universities of Évora and the Azores, is distinguished by the centrality it gives to issues of citizenship and human rights, contextualised in the international system, driven by heterogeneous trends and forces that are sometimes contradictory. With the support of a teaching staff with high scientific and disciplinary competence and anchored in solid research experience in Research Centres of Excellence, this PhD aims to develop in-depth theoretical knowledge that, in a versatile and transdisciplinary way, drives the development of critical analyses that represent an innovative and consistent contribution to research at national and international level.
Course in Association/Partner Institutions:
  • Universidade dos Açores
Organic Unit: Institute of Research and Advanced Training
Duration: 8 Semesters/240 ECTS credits (90 required in curricular units)
Language: Portuguese
Regime: B-learning
CNAEF Areas:
  • Political science and civics (313)

Specific Entry Requirements

The following are eligible to apply:
a) Holders of a master's degree in this scientific field or related fields; holders of a bachelor's degree in this area or related areas obtained before Decree-Law no. 74/2006, of 24 March, and its subsequent versions, provided they hold university postgraduate qualifications;
b) Holders of a bachelor's degree in this or related fields of study, provided they have professional experience in practical fields related to this area of training, or whose curriculum vitae shows scientific interest in the field of knowledge of this doctoral programme.

Access Routes and Applications

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Students from EU countries
Initial Places: 12
International Students
Initial Places: 5

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Tuition Fees

Annual Tuition Fees

Students from EU countries
1500.00 €
International Students
2500.00 €

Course Committee

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Contact Information

Director: Silvério Carlos Matos Rocha e Cunha [scrc@uevora.pt]

Academic Manager: Ana Cristina Alves Dias
Academic Services (online): SAC.ONLINE

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