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Geological Engineering

Bachelor's Degree

Ano Letivo 2022/2023

Engenharia Geológica

Course Overview

The Undergraduate of Geological Engineering consists of a solid foundation with a strong applied component with valences in the various areas in which a geologist engineer can develop activity.

In its mode of operation this course is unique in Portugal. Belongs to a new generation - 3G course. It allows most of the curricular units applied to be partially developed within the companies, acting in the scientific areas corresponding to these disciplines. Thus, in the third year, each student will be able to choose up to 4 disciplines whose practical components intend to have a trainship in real working environment, in one of the more than thirty companies with which there is a cooperation protocol in force. So the students have the possibility to know 4 companies, their organization and developed work. These curricular units covers such distinct areas as: Geological and Geotechnical Prospecting; Exploration and Transformation of Industrial and Ornamental Rocks; Geology of Engineering; Mechanics of soils and rocks; Stability of Slopes; Georeferences including Water Resources; Geological and geotechnical cartography; Mineral Resources and Mining Geology.

Since 2012/2013, a protocol has been in force between the University of Évora and the University of Castilla-la-Mancha (Spain), which allows students from both institutions to obtain a Joint Diploma in Undergraduate Geological Engineering (University of Évora) and Undergraduate in Mining Technology (University of Castilla-la-Mancha), through the realization of the ECTS indicated in the mentioned protocol.

Organic Unit: School of Science and Technology
Duration: 6 Semesters/180 ECTS credits (147 required and 33 optional in curricular units)
Language: Portuguese
Regime: Day classes

Career Prospects

The Graduates in Geological Engineering are qualified to develop multidisciplinary activities in areas, such as:

  • Geological, geochemical and geophysical exploration of mineral resources;
  • Exploitation and treatment of metallic, non-metallic and energy mineral resources (mines, quarries, oil, gas, water, etc.);
  • Industry of processing and exploitation ornamental stones;
  • Evaluation of environmental impacts of extractive activity from the perspective of the sustainable development of the regions;
  • Geological and geotechnical studies in engineering works;
  • Geological and geotechnical cartography;
  • Photogeology, remote sensing and geographic information systems studies;
  • Geological support to territorial planning activities;
  • Geological and environmental prediction and mitagate risks;
  • Surveillance and geotechnical support in the execution of engineering works (buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, dams, maritime works, etc.);
  • Support for the conservation of the cultural heritage built in stone (monuments);
  • Companies of surveys (geotechnical, mining, oil, water);
  • Design and consulting project offices;
  • Public or private laboratories;
  • Technical Services in Local Authorities;
  • Central and Regional Administration Services;
  • Specialized construction companies;
  • Water management and distribution organizations;
  • Research: Higher Education, Polytechnic and Research Centers.

Entry Requirements

Entrance Exams

One of the following sets:
  • 02 - Biology and Geology
  • 16 - Mathematics
  • 07 - Physics and Chemistry
  • 16 - Mathematics
Média do secundário: 65% Provas de ingresso: 35%

Access Routes and Applications

Tuition Fees

Annual Tuition Fees

Students from EU countries
697.00 €
International Students
2500.00 €
International Students with Merit Scholarships
1050.00 €
International Students with Cooperation and Development Grants
1250.00 €

Course Committee

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Contact Information

Academic Manager: Ana Cristina Alves Dias
Academic Services (online): SAC.ONLINE