Cultural Anthropology

Name: Cultural Anthropology
Code: SOC12646L
Duration: 15 weeks/156 hours
Scientific Area: Sociology

Teaching languages: Portuguese
Languages of tutoring support: Portuguese
Regime de Frequência: Presencial

Sustainable Development Goals

Learning Goals

General aims:
1) To develop analytical thinking and to stimulate the problematize the relation between culture and nature
2) To understand and discuss the unitity and diversity of cultures
3) To contribute to attitudes of respect and tolerance towards cultural differences


I - Introducing Anthropology
1.Anthropology within the context of social sciences.
2.From General Anthropology to Cultural Anthropology. Preliminary concepts.
3.The object of Cultural Anthropology;
4.The anthropological method (introductory characterization).

II – Themes of Contemporary Anthropology:
5. Identity and Difference. Racism and Xenophobia.
6. Noções de Antropologia do Simbólico: Os Ritos de Passagem.
7. (I)Material Cultures and Heritages.
8. Reciprocity and Circulation.

Teaching Methods

Lectures, articulated with visual methodologies, and critical reading of texts.
Continuous Evaluation is the preferred method and it is based in two written tests (2x50%).
Evaluation system by Exam: one final exam (100%)

Teaching Staff