Sociology of Work

Name: Sociology of Work
Code: SOC2435L
Duration: 15 weeks/156 hours
Scientific Area: Sociology

Teaching languages: Portuguese
Languages of tutoring support: Portuguese
Regime de Frequência: Presencial

Sustainable Development Goals

Learning Goals

General objectives: this course of the graduation in Sociology intends to investigate particular aspects related to the problems of employment and the systems and structures from this same phenomenon. Its interesting to understand some fundamental aspects such as: the object, field and methods of this discipline; classical and modern approaches to job organization; changes in technology and new production systems and their social implications; organizational and enterprise culture; and the labor movement and union in Portugal.


I - Introduction: Employment: concept, roles and relationships; Systems and structures derived from the work; Orders and types of working groups; Phenomena and problems of work in contemporary societies; Subject, field and methods of sociology of work.
II - The 'organization of work' to 'Work Organizations'
III - The progress of work and relational processes
IV - Social effects of the technical and organizational conditions of labor
V - Technological Change and Organizational Culture
VI - Organizations and labor movements

Teaching Methods

The course will be taught in form of theoretical/practical classes. Class attendance is subjected to an attendance record, being the presence obligatory in accordance to the internal regulamentation. The student can opt for the frequency regimen or a final exam. Frequency regimen: the evaluation will consist of 2 frequencies; elaboration, of practical works (attendance, participation, initiative). For assignment of the final grade each frequency will count 35% and other elements of evaluation (individual and group work, attendance, participation) 30%. However, to be approved the students must have a positive mean (10 values) for the aggregate of all frequencies and no one is less than 8 values. Final Exam: evaluation will consist in the exam. For approval student must get at least 10 points in the Examination. Working students or regular students who choose the type of evaluation by Final Exam shall also perform all other practical work.

Teaching Staff