Methods, Techniques and Communication in Ecology and Environment

Name: Methods, Techniques and Communication in Ecology and Environment
Code: PAO11382L
Duration: 15 weeks/156 hours
Scientific Area: Environment and Ecology Sciences

Teaching languages: Portuguese
Languages of tutoring support: Portuguese
Regime de Frequência: Presencial

Sustainable Development Goals

Learning Goals

General understanding of the process of scientific knowledge . Acquisition of practical skills on field methodologies necessary to work in ecology and environmental sciences and on the production of technical/scientific documents, scientific presentations, applications for grants/research projects/ studies.


Module 1: Science, method and scientific pratice. The evolution of knowledge; science has limits and impossibilities? Observation, deduction, intuition; science, ideology, myths, beliefs, superstitions, fantasies; naive science and errors in the definition of cause-effect relations; the creativity process in science, factors and serendipity.
Módulo2: Field methods: maps and its use, space interpretation and orientation; campaign planning; GPS; observation and register of information; sampling principles, transects and definition of aleatorial sampling units; basic equipment of field work; simple technics for site characterization; good practices in field work.
Módulo 3: Communication in science - presentation of results, graphical representations, powerpoint presentations; production of reports, papers, dissertations, monographies, reviews, state-of-the-art; application for grants, projects, studies.

Teaching Methods

Pedagogical resources include texts and videos; Analysis and discussion of scientific literature; Practical classes in the field.
Student's assessment is continuous and involves the components usually used in on-line courses - production and discussion of essays and glossaries, debates, literature reviews, net searching. Access to several contents and exercises using e-learning (Moodle platform).