Principles Landscape Ecology

Name: Principles Landscape Ecology
Code: PAO11380L
Duration: 15 weeks/156 hours
Scientific Area: Environment and Ecology Sciences

Teaching languages: Portuguese
Languages of tutoring support: Portuguese
Regime de Frequência: Presencial

Sustainable Development Goals

Learning Goals

Understand of fundamentals of landscape and Landscape Ecology. How geosphere, biosphere and sociosphere interact to shape landscape. How horizontal and vertical landscape structures determine the flow between the physical and biological components. Understand Human impact on landscape. Understand the holistic approach needed in landscape ecology. Understand and apply methodologies for landscape structure characterization and apply landscape metrics. Capability to apply it to landscape planning and management.


Landscape and Ecological Theory. Fundamentals of Landscape Ecology. Landscape elements and characteristics. Heterogeneity landscape approach methods and models. Mapping landscape units. Landscape metrics. Approaches to the relation between landscape structure and functions. Human intervention in the territory, cultural landscape and the ecological values of the landscape. Holistic landscape ecology premises approach. Relation with landscape planning and management.

Teaching Methods

3 hours of theoretical and practical weekly classes which will introduce the concepts and theoretical foundations, supported by audio-visual media. These classes will be complemented with practical classes in laboratory and in field trips.
Continuous evaluation system, practical work in group, individual oral presentation, which contributes with 40% and two written tests (60%). Examination scheme: student performs a single evaluation test (100%) on all the subjects.