Master and Postgraduate Degrees


National and international students may apply for the cycle of studies leading to a master or postgraduate degree if:

  • They hold a Bachelor’s degree or legal equivalent;
  • They hold a foreign academic degree awarded after completing the first-cycle of studies structured  by a signatory State in accordance with the principles of the Bologna process;
  • They hold a foreign university degree that is recognised as meeting the requirements of a Bachelor’s degree by the School's Scientific or Technical-Scientific Board;
  • They have an academic, scientific or career curriculum that is recognised as attesting to their ability to follow the study plan defined by the School’s Scientific or Technical-Scientific Board. Candidates will be required to request that their curriculum be recognised when applying.

Candidates must request recognition of their ability to attend a master or postgraduate degree course by the School's Scientific or Technical-Scientific Board in their application form. Recognition will only be valid for acceptance to study cycles that lead to a master or postgraduate degree and do not confer equivalence to a Bachelor’s degree, or recognition for any other purposes.

Specific entry requirements  for certain courses may be stipulated in the notices of the opening of each course. Candidates who do not meet those requirements will not be considered for admission.


Applications for Master and Postgraduate degree courses must be submitted by completing the appropriate form.

Step 1: Register here .
Step 2: Fill in the application form here .

You must submit the following documents with your application:

  • A copy of your Bachelor’s degree;
  • A copy of your transcript of records (curricular units broken down with the respective mark and ECTS credits; not required for students who have a degree from the University of Évora);
  • Curriculum Vitae;
  • Proof of your application submitted in accordance with the protocol, if applicable;
  • Ordem dos Enfermeiros  seal, for candidates applying for the Master in Nursing;
  • If you hold a foreign degree, a statement from the institution that issued your transcript of records or the Embassy indicating your final grade average and the grading scale used by that institution, including the minimum classification required for a pass (if not included in the transcript of records). This statement must reflect the conversion of your mark into the Portuguese grading scale and is required to select candidates for the International Student Scholarship.
  • If you are a national of a non-EU country, a document confirming that you do not enjoy international student status (pursuant to Article 3 of Decree-Law 62/2018 ), but fall under one of the criteria to which such status does not apply.

Applications will only be reviewed after the application fee has been paid.

The validation of the authenticated application documents and of identification and visa documents must take place by 31 December of the year of enrolment. Diplomas or certificates awarded in non-EU countries must be legalised by the Portuguese Embassy or Consulate  in the country they were issued or by endorsement with the Hague Apostille .

The information on this page does not replace the need to read the regulations in force  on this matter.

For more information, please refer to the course prospectus and respective course notices.

Master Degrees

Postgraduate Degrees


1st Phase

  • Applications: 25/Jan/2021 to 26/Mar/2021
  • Placement Results: by 16/Apr/2021
  • Enrolment: 16/Apr/2021 to 13/Apr/2021
  • Placement results following re-placement and/or redistribution of places available, if applicable: by 03/May/2021
  • Enrolment following re-placement and/or redistribution of places available, if applicable: 03/May/2021 to 10/May/2021

2nd Phase

  • Applications: 03/May/2021 to 2/July/2021
  • Placement Results: by 23/July/2021
  • Enrolment: 23/July/2021 to 30/July/2021
  • Placement results following re-placement and/or redistribution of places available, if applicable: by 05/Aug/2021
  • Enrolment following re-placement and/or redistribution of places available, if applicable: 05/Aug/2021 to 12/Aug/2021

3rd Phase 

  • Applications: 02/Aug/2021 to 01/Sept/2021
  • Placement Results: by 17/Sept/2021
  • Enrolment: 17/Sept/2021 to 20/Sept/2021
  • Placement results following re-placement and/or redistribution of places available, if applicable: by 23/Sept/2021
  • Enrolment following re-placement and/or redistribution of places available, if applicable: 23/Sept/2021 to 27/Sept/2021


Application stage for Re-entry  (for European Union students and in the case of international students only for completion of Dissertation / Project Work / Internship)
Applications: 10/Sept/2021 to 30/Sept/2021
Placement results: by 04/Oct/2021
Enrolment: 04/Oct/2021 to 08/Oct/2021



- The 2nd and 3rd phases for application are subject to the number of remaining places available after placement, re-placement and redistribution of places available in the prior phase. There may, therefore, be courses that do not open 2nd and/or 3rd application phases.

- Nationals of a non-EU country can not apply in the 3rd phase unless they have already been granted a visa or residence permit.


Please refer to the course notices for information on the number of places available.


To encourage undergraduate finalist  students at the University of Évora to further their education by pursuing one or more of the second-cycle degree courses offered by the University, they may submit a pre-application for a second-cycle degree course that builds on the scientific knowledge of the first-cycle degree course  they are attending. The application fee will be waived, provided pre-applications are submitted during the first phase of applications  for acceptance into the Master Degree programmes at the University of Évora.

Students who submit a pre-application but do not meet the requirements in the 1st phase will be considered for selection in subsequent phases, provided they have resolved all issues and meet the entry requirements.


Students who still have to complete modules to obtain their Bachelor’s course  can apply for a Master degree course under restricted conditions:

  • 1st Phase - not more than 6 curricular units or 36 ECTS credits
  • 2nd Phase - not more than 3 curricular units
  • 3rd Phase - not more than 1 curricular unit

After enrolling in the Master degree course, candidates accepted under these conditions must first complete their Bachelor’s degree studies  and provide proof thereof if they are not attending first-cycle studies at the University of Évora by 30 October of the academic year in which they are to begin the Master degree course. If they fail to do so, they  will forfeit place .



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